question about hp

connector mod

The brass/plastic/and spring clip connector is a POS. Vibrations will wear out the threads in the plastic housing and the pieces will eject like confettii leaving you to fashion an adapter from a beer can at the roadside. Go to your leftover spark plug wires from your last tune up or the local service garage and use or adapt an automotive style electrode onto your wire end. The rubber insulator boots are superior also. Sometimes you will have to put an electrode lug onto the spark plug, these can be found on plugs from an American automobile.
Yes. You can go to a motorcycle dealer/shop and show them what you are replacing. Get the kind of cap the will fit the threaded tip on a GOOD replacement plug- like an NGK
I get regular automotive spark plug wire ends. then I don't have to take off the barrel nut on the end of the sparkplug.
lol....what Edward said.
ya im going to get a car spark plug wire next week i have to gfet it from a friend