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Discussion in 'Performance Mods' started by superbee, May 14, 2009.

  1. superbee

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    Hi, as much as id like to get the shifter kit, i cant see paying 250 bucks for it, when i can make it in a day with less than 30 in parts.

    Here is my only question. Do they sell the one way hub for the pedal part separatly??

    Actually, anyone have a diagram of how that really works, the pedals already freewheel backwards of course, so is it the GEAR itself on the pedals that freewheels one way also? I know this is a simple way how its done but i cant tell in the pictures from the ads.

    Thanks! Cant wait, run out of engine rpm way too soon, need to be banging gears!:cool2:

  2. lordoflightaz

    lordoflightaz Member

    Sure didn't you see it heavy duty 65 bucko. You go source the parts, Good Luck
  3. superbee

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    No, i didnt see it. THats why I asked, so no i cant source the parts, if you know of a parts website i can search around on, that would be great. I dont even know what the name of the part is that im searching for.

    Does the gear have a one way bearing or is it part of the hub assymbly?
  4. superbee

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    Ok i see it now, in plain site actually :facepalm:

    Ill see what else i can round up, and if i have any more questions ill be back.

    Awaiting on expansion chamber right now, i think ill wait untill i do that so i can get a better feel of performance upgrade each has.


    Ps-- this is exciting, it threads onto the pedal hub, and gear mounts to it. This is going to be CAKE to install. Heck yess. I was worried because my pass side pedal i welded an extension to clear the pull start, so i dont know if i can remove it or not.
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  5. lordoflightaz

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    This is why it cost $200 it worth every penny
  6. superbee

    superbee Member

    I can get a piece of steel stock, 2 gears, piece of steel plate, and 2 bearings for pretty cheap at the farm and ranch store.

    ONLY problem i foresee is the right chain type gears, They have a big selection but i cant remember if they had the bycicle chain spacing....
  7. Skyliner70cc

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    I'm sorry but I won't help you. The cost of an item is more than just the cost of materials and parts. By trying to copy this kit, you are stealing intellectual property. Jim (ghost?) and Pablo have invested many hours in developing this concept to its finished state.

    Feel free to invest your own time and money to create your own original idea of a jackshaft for the HT engine.
  8. superbee

    superbee Member

    christ man, its gears and chain, that kit is nothing "NEW". Sure its a bolt on kit, and that is awsome, and im glad they made that.

    I like to build my own stuff, as i do for everything else, thats what i like to do, and feel good when i can make somthing instead of paying somone else to make it for me.

    If you feel that way, fine, thats your right, im supporting them buy the exhaust i just bought, and the freewheel that im soon to buy, but im not going to feel at all guilty for creating my own jackshaft for my bike. no way.

    Im sure i could come up with a 3 page of list of mechanical devices that use similar "intellectual ideas" as that jackshaft kit LOL so calm down.

    P.S. by my first statement of saying i cant see paying 250 bucks, i didnt mean that as in that was a ripoff. Just like i said above, i dont like to pay others for stuff that i can enjoy building myself.

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  9. Pablo

    Pablo Motored Bikes Sponsor

    We appreciate the support, and actually don't mind people "doing their OWN thing". Plenty of these guys buy parts from us. It's the direct rip off and selling that cuts us the wrong way. Doesn't look like superbee will be going into business with a direct knock off.

    BTW - the kit is under $215 delivered in the USA.

    I hope this somehow doesn't violate the new rules but I wanted to pop into this thread.
  10. superbee

    superbee Member

    Thank you for understanding, and i most certainly will not sell anything, thats very wrong i agree.
  11. strotter

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    The kit is absolutely worth the $$!!! I'm sure it will out live 3 or 4 HT engines. Even if you can find the parts from a distributor, you will spend hours and hours "making it work". My recomendation is look at it as an investment into your over all MB career.

    I have over 1000miles on mine and am moving engine and shifter to different bike.
  12. Skyliner70cc

    Skyliner70cc Active Member

    The kit is worth every penny and I've installed 2 kits that I have purchased and 3 for others.