questions on installing pirate cycles high compression head

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by blckwlfny1, Oct 21, 2010.

  1. blckwlfny1

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    My high compression billet head just arrived from pirate cycles. :)I was looking for some recommendations on a few things. ...any takers?
    1) Can I use the existing head gasket, or do I use form-a-gasket?

    2) Wait until after the motor's break in before installing or no?-I've got a true 20 hrs of use on my motor

    3) What oil ratio should be used?

  2. unior

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    I would recommend the original gasket.

    This shouldn't make too much difference but I would personally break it in a little more before raising compression.

    Oil ratio remains the same
  3. blckwlfny1

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  4. pineiroadrian

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    would it be better to use this head, or get the SBP super thin aluminnum head gasket on the stock head?
  5. motorpsycho

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    i would break the engine in to get a feel for it's performance while it's all stock.
    then, when you bolt the new head on, you will get a feel for how much more power the engine is making with the new head.