quick QUESTION!?! ever had this happen...

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    so i replaced my head& piston after having some crap get sucked into it....
    new top end made a new exaust pipe used a baffled can. extra long. quiet ok performance odd looking all the things i like i rode home nothing extrordanary happens . i pull into the driveway, and i always shut the gas petcock off and run it till it dies.. just a habit. i get off and look at my exaust. its glowing cherry red. ive only seen cars do this! wtheck! i say i give it gas and its shoooting a 1-2 inch flame like a mappgas torch out the end.
    funny thing is its only glowing after the can not by the header like id think it would be. prolly from the wind?
    does this mean shes too hot? (UH REALLLY THOUGH?!?) and is it a symptom of being tooo lean?
    havent opened her up its been two days since i switched seems premature to break er down over some flames and cherry metal... idk opinions anyone?

  2. crassius

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    flames (usually when backing off throttle) are an indication of air leak in the exhaust
  3. tekstep01

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    yeah but this happened at WOT..... only and it was cherry red... i wielded the exhaust myself im no master craftsman but im sure that it isn't leaking....
  4. crassius

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    you could look for leanness indicators like the spark plug, but I'd swap the muffler to see what that does
  5. HeadSmess

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    is the engine hot(ter than before)?

    any performance changes?

    usually the airleak at the header pipe is an issue on 4 bangers, two strokes just tend to bog it up with burnt oil. as long as the exit is slightly smaller than the port end, they stay "pumped up" so to speak.

    i wanna pic, because i have NEVER seen a two stroke exhaust glow except when welding it :D

    what gage steel are you using?


    steel. what type of can? is it plastic lined, did you burn it out before using it, etc etc etc.

    a two stroke exhaust also glows when you heat it up enough to ignite any goop inside then start blasting some air in there... now thats a sight to see!

    could just be a one-time type thing as it burns itself clean.

    finally, a thread that makes one think!
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    well funny thing is it was the first night i ran the head ever... i found out that it was suffering from blow by on the rings.... i swapped back to my cracked exaust port one cause it wasnt getting me up hills or anything must have been due to gas not burning completely or some sh*t ive never seen a cherry exaust and it never did it again but if i can re create it ill send a pik....
  7. tekstep01

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    the pipe is a stock one welded all nuts see pik, regular gauge steel tube from bike handlebars yes i weilded that night so it easily could have been burning oil inside the can as i have seen this phenomenon before.... note my bike peg . i use that in a three legged stand to hold my bike while i work on it

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    oh, neato!

    (in reference to the lack of censoring on the new site ;))
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    what do u mean isn't this a forum? censorship? dont belong in a forum...
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    without some regulation on a forum the crazies and the bullies take it over.
    I've seen it happen before with mopedarmy (I think that's the name)