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Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by adrian101, Jun 12, 2011.

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    I currently have a 36t rare sprocket on my bike at the moment. done about 100km/h sense i placed it on to replace the 44t sprocket.

    I want to place the 44t rare sprocket back on my bike as i noticed my engine had more power and i had a higher speed with the 44t sprocket.

    Because my engine has adjusted to the different gearing from 44t to 36t will i have a problem with power output if i change back?

    Might seem like a strange question but i was told by my friend that if you change to lower gearing then back up to higher gearing your engine won't run as good. Is that true.

    If you know anything about gearing and power output. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!

    Thank you! :D:D:D:D:D:D

  2. HeadSmess

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    engine wont "adjust" to suit a certain ratio. its not efi with ecu and whizzbang with extra bling...

    strange thing is...i replaced my chain ages ago with one of them new beaut bmx chains. it was one link too short!

    so on went a handy 36 tooth i drilled :) and...i didnt notice a thing! still lugged up hills, still screamed and maybe only gained 2km extra...

    contrary to all opinion... :p

    but chains worn, i decided to get one with a few extra links (102 versus 98!) and go back to 44toother, as i sorta felt it didnt maybe lug up a certain hill quite the way id like...

    can i retract my earlier statement?

    its POS now... slow n sluggish and seriously...lugs up a hill no better than with 36... possibly slower.

    or maybe...just maybe...

    it could be that im nearly onto my fourth engine? lol
  3. motorpsycho

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    a 36 tooth sprocket will kill off your bottom end torque and give you more top speed.
    a 44 tooth will give you more bottom end torque and take away some of the top speed.
    the 44 tooth sprocket is designed to run on a 26" wheel, giving you decent torque and decent top end speed.
    if you drop to a 36 tooth, you should notice a difference in the time it takes you to get up to speed, and it will reduce the low end torque needed to climb hills.
    a 44 tooth on a 26" wheel gives you the best gear ratio to get the best of both worlds (low end and decent speed).
  4. blue 48

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    i use two types of wheel: 26" 36 tooth rubbish take off but on a long ride it goes along quiet nicely at 3/4 throttle
    (2) 24' With 44 tooth good take off top end ok i use that one off road and is quiet fun in the dirt and stop start riding
    im also buildin a 20" rim with 44 tooth for fun even though it looks weird it should give wicked torque with low top end thats even if it will fit the darn bike:thinking: i only have a front disc brake:whistling: so im able to run most types of rim with the right chain.
  5. gothicguy64

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    if i was u id go for a bigger rear like a 50 or a 56 for low torque an go anywhere but no top end