Rag Joint

Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by bmoody, Jul 31, 2009.

  1. bmoody

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    Does anyone know if anyone sells just the rubber portion of the rag joint? I lost the other side when I had my bike apart and the chain is now rubbing against my tire. My spokes are also wearing away and gouging out the sprocket.

    If so, hopefully they sell a gas tank and exhaust gaskets as well.

    side question: is the default rag joint 6mm?

  2. bmoody

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    Nevermind. Duane from thatsdax hooked up me up.

    Hopefully ill be back on the road in 5-7 days :)
  3. Tinker1980

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    I can certainly recommend the Dax rag joint stuff. I ordered one from them monday, had it friday. It was the sprocket mount with the 8mm bolts instead of the 6mm. I had a problem with the rubber rag things not being flat with the original kit, and it was well-nigh impossible to get the silly sprocket flat to the wheel. With the new mount, the sprocket can be made perfectly flat and concentric to the naked eye, which is good enough for me. And the 8mm bolts don't work loose as easy. Only problem is you'll need to drill the holes out bigger in your sprocket.