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    Hello. I'm in Granite Bay, Calif, U.S.A. I've just recently started researching motorized bikes for myself. I am not driving at the moment for medical reasons and this would be a great way to get around. My target is to buy a cruiser like a Schwinn with a 48cc engine already installed. I've decided that I don't want to put my first motorized bike together myself. I think that I could do it but I'd rather look first at one that's already assembled. The research that I did dept. of Motor Vehicles application that I picked-up from their site seems to indicate that they want motorized bikes licensed but they have some restrictions. Now there's a surprise. Governmental intrusion in California? Say it's not so!

    Take care all. I am enjoying the posts...

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    hey Raulin, welcome aboard
    there is a ton of info here, and helpful people as well
    good luck and happy motoring
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    Thank you for the welcome Nunya. I'm sifting thru it as we speak.
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    Howdy. Restrictions? Just the under 50cc, under 30mph rule, and I got my registration pretty quick. Ready-built, I don't know of anyone in California, but I know somebody in Kansas who does build and sell.
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    Hi Mark. Thank you for the response. One other thing that I found that DMV wants is nothing greater than a 2 brake horsepower rating. When I looked up the term "horsepower" on Wikipedia apparently it's an obsolete term and has been convoluted over time. But anyway I have purchased a bike from greenearthchoppers.com in Arizona fully assembled with a new bike (Schwinn Windwood) and a 48cc Gen II engine. Do you happen to know if the 48cc engine comes with a horsepower spec?
    Happy motoring...
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    Hello Raulin; I'm sure they will have the specs on the horsepower available if you contact them. It might indicate on the literature. Not quite sure myself. But I do know that a 33.5cc 4-stroke (Subaru) puts out 1.6 hp, and a 25cc 4-stroke (Subaru) puts out 1.1 hp. I hope you register your MB...it's a one-time fee of $18.00, and it puts you on the side of the law. Have fun and stay safe :)