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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by jstylen, Jun 22, 2013.

  1. jstylen

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    I've had mixed reactions to people seeing / hearing about the motorized bike I just completed. My dad and best friend were both confused as to why I could not simply use it as a bike and seem to think I'm just lazy for building it. They seem a bit out of place though in my eyes, my dad drives his truck and my friend drives a car. At least I pedal around a litle bit, they just sit comfortable in their vehicles to get around... Am I wrong? I've also had a few people stop and talk to me about it while I was building it out front of my home and they were all very interested in it and thought it was pretty cool. So what kind of reactions have the rest of you had to your bikes?

  2. 5-7HEAVEN

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    As my old neighbor yelled as she drove away in a truck....."That's cheating!" And this was half a mile from her home. Old woman couldn't walk a city block if she tried.

    Like driving isn't cheating your body of exercise?

    I always yell back "This is for transportation, not exercise".

    The numbing reaction is by the drug addicts near the bike path and the people waiting @ the bus stop.

    They realize I'm flying by, while they wait for the bus, rain or shine.


    Car drivers don't envy me. I'm just in.....their.....way.
  3. jstylen

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    I get the feeling of being in the way so I try to stay to side streets. Surprisingly though drivers have been really courteous to me so far. Many even give me the right of way when I don't have it. Very surprised actually because drivers around here seem to be maniacs...
  4. Max-M

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    The reactions to my bike that I've seen have been generally positive. But I've made some interesting observations:

    "Spandex"-type bicyclists (on their 15-lb, $3,000 rides) often seem to be trying to NOT look at my bike. And the people in that category that I've spoken to have often implied that I'm "cheating" or avoiding exercise. When I hear that, I always ask them if they say that to motorcyclists -- or car drivers.

    "Biker" types, and riders of Harleys, Triumphs, and other traditional motorcycles are almost always friendly toward me and interested in my bike.

    Young "crotch rocket" types have been a bit verbally insulting at times, and often react to me by suddenly going full throttle when they see me on my bike! Why they'd feel the need to demonstrate their bikes' superiority -- their 1000 cc's versus my 49 cc's -- is kind of amusing to me!

    Kids -- from the very young to teens -- almost universally show their enthusiasm and approval of my bike.

    That's about it!
  5. HeadSmess

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    "is that legal?"

    "how fast does it go?"

    "nice pipe...who made it?"

    "you a welder by trade?"

    "you went flying past me and i didnt catch up until that last corner there! that thing hoots!"

    "im sure school zones apply to bicycles too"

    "make me one"

    "whered you get it, i want to get one for my son"
  6. jstylen

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    My mailman (who also happened to be delivering my new clutch cable :D) Mentioned that he thought it was pretty cool and wanted to build one himself but said that he'd never ride it because he already has a $27,000 Harley.
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    Funny, people see someone with money they admire them, people see someone saving money they look down their noses.I'd say " I can pedal with motor off and go where no car can, I can pedal if the motor dies, I can push the bike all the way home if it dies all together, don't need to call anyone,... can you do that with your car??".
  8. jstylen

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    Excellent point. Run out of gas, engine explodes, whatever, you still have a fully functional bicycle. It'll be a little work to get where you were going but if you were in a car you'd be dead stuck.
  9. Purple Haze

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    Did you build that yourself? How fast will it go? How much does it cost? What's the fuel mileage? How much will you charge to build me one? Do you roll your own cigarettes? Why do you have to pedal it? Will it make me more popular with the ladies? Can you ride it on the sidewalks? Where did you get that cool muffler? Will it keep up with traffic on the interstate? That is sooo cute!:jester: