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on the 07 whizzer the rear band brake is not good the band had broke.I have 470 miles on the bike.I called up the dealer and they replased the brakes with a drum brakes.they are alot all you 07or someone with band brakes change the could be a bad thing if you can not stop as you did. it scared me.had to change my pants.
Hi Earl, I didn't think many, of the '07s had the band brake, but I have used the band brakes since 2001 and never had any problems. I just recently replaced the band on my wife's 2001 Pacemaker II with over 6000 original miles on the original unit. Early last summer I upgraded a customers bike to the drum brake, and there is not doubt it is the better way to go.
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rear brake

I've got an '07 with the band brake on it. It seems to work ok, but if it can be improved, why not. Where do you get a rear drum brake and how do you swap them out?

this is the best way I can try to help.

Hi Ren I got my drum brake from whizzer fun inc. or you can get it from any whizzer was doabull to the way you take it apart.lay every part in a you remember what goes least thats what I do.short term memery. disconect the brake cable.then you take of the belt slip it over the the rear shive.losen the mufler to take of the nuts and the clamp off the brake.slide the wheel to the front of the bike.take the chain off.on the brake side take off the next nut.pull off that cover.there is a nut take it off.the next is to remove the drum.turn the drum to the left.yes because the rotation of the wheel when stoping it will it will be very tight.I used a punch and yes my best tool a hammer.that is because I did not have a spanner wrench.there are two holes.pick any one and put the punch on the edge of the hole make shure that you are holding the wheel. tap the punch or maybe hit it hader until it moves( counterclockwise ) kleen off the threads so that there is no dirt on them.the axel has to be moved about 1/4 of a inch towords the brake you will have the the axel in the right place.screew on the drum. just tap do not have to hit it as hard as you did to take the other one off.but tight.remember when you put all those parts in a line.that is a good idea.put on the new cover that has the brake shoses.just wigel it will slip on.add a nut or two maybe a washer depending on the space. it will be needed so the outer brake housing will not touch the frame of the bike.but on the brake clamp or you will havetruble.check that nothing is rubbing. the wheel or the frame or not foget the chain or not put the belt on the shive untill evey thing is set will also have to get the new cable it is thicker.I put the cable end on the lowest hole in the lever of the brake houseing.I hope this helps.God bless you and yours!
Hi Ren, Rear brake kit part number AC-211NE-GB403 [retail price $36.60], and Earl is correct you need a heavier brake cable the part number is #2911 [retail $9.95]. The only comments I have to add to Earl's outstanding detailed instructions are, the hub will tighten it's self when the brakes are applied, because the rotation of the wheel is in opposition to the hub threads, and secondly moving the axle is sometimes difficult because of the small thin jam nut against the cones [I had to make a thin wrench to fit]. These parts can be purchased through any Authorized Whizzer dealer, but I give an average discount to members of this site of 15% on almost all items, except for modified speed parts [already priced at rock bottom].
If anyone is interested in a Whizzer front disc brake system, I might have access to a few complete front ends [forks, wheel, 3" tire, fenders & braces, disc brake rotor, disc brake calipers, and heavy duty brake cable], but must warn everyone this is the best brake I have ever seen on any Whizzer in my life, bar none! Just PM me if interested and I will pass along details [if still available].
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rear brake

Thanks for the info guys. I am adding this to my long list of "I would like to do" list.