Rear wheel wobbles side to side...

Discussion in 'Bicycle Repair' started by Max-M, Nov 4, 2011.

  1. Max-M

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    I'm building a MB with a brand-new (2012) Giant "Simple Single" cruiser bike. Everything has gone smoothly, but last night I discovered that the rear wheel wobbles significantly from side to side.

    The bike has a Shimano CB-E110 single-speed coaster brake hub, and my 56-tooth drive sprocket is attached to the hub with an aluminum clamshell-type hub adapter. Of course, I'm suspecting that my installation of the adapter onto the hub is at the root of my problem.

    Does anybody know what might be going on, and what I should do? Thanks!

  2. olow

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    is the 56tooth going completly over the dust shield if not u have to ream center hole alittle
  3. Max-M

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    Thanks, olow.

    I'm going to take the 56T off tonight. Now that you mention it, it DID seem to me that the sprocket wasn't completely clear of the dust shield as I installed it. I think the sprocket center hole was resting on the sloped sides of the shield. It didn't seem quite right, but my knowledge about hubs, and some of the other more complicated parts of even simple bikes (like the bottom bracket), is limited. I'm learning by doing and asking! I hope your theory is right; reaming that center hole shouldn't be a big deal.

    In light of that wobble, do you think that I may need to adjust anything on the hub? In other words, I'm wondering if torquing down the lock nut and axle end nut (with the sprocket center hole resting on the shield) could have thrown things out of whack and caused the loose wheel. I think I may need to buy some cone wrenches...
  4. Al.Fisherman

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    Reaming out the sprocket hole.....
    Bearing mod

    Also you might need to adjust your bearings, but you will see after you pull the wheel. Grab the axle and move it in and out to see if excessive clearance is present.
  5. Max-M

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    Thanks, Ron. You guys have been a big help. I hope to have this situation straightened out by tomorrow afternoon. I've got to get this build on the road before it gets too cold here in Connecticut.

    PS: Ron, I really like your signature quote. I couldn't agree more!