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  1. i found this on a bike for sale and thought it was very interesting because my exhaust was in the way. I had to bend mine with a pipe bender. This looked like an economical solution for a happy time problem. There is also a picture in my gallery. They used a gas line from a stove or dryer. I have plenty of those lying around.


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    not bad, but not that pretty.
    I guess if it works, go with it.
    I could figure out other ways to acheive the same thing, but with much better looks.
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    I think it actually has a really cool look! maybe paint it black?
    Do you have a part number?
  4. not sure

    I just posted what I found on the net. It looks like a 1/2 inch flexible gas pipe that you would use to connect a stove from black iron hard pipe with 2 compression fittings. One on each end.
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    says the max temp is 150, what does the average bikes exhaust burn at?