Clutch Removing Clutch Shaft problems

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    I am overhauling my engine and replacing all the bearings with better ones and all the gaskets with copper ones but i cant seem the get the clutch assembly apart. I have removed the pressure plate and the retaining nut but the main clutch gear does not seem to want to come free. I have a clutch gear puller tool I got from eBay but I'm not sure that i am using it right. I screwed the big and of the tool into the clutch gear while holding it in place with a wrench i tighten the small part of the tool inward with a 14mm wrench but not matter how hard I tighten it nothing loosens and I don't want to strip anything. Am I doing this right or do I need to some how remove the drive sprocket on the other side of the engine? :confused: Thanks.

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  2. Fabian

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    You appear to be doing it correctly, but it's best to remove the crankshaft gear to ensure that the clutch doesn't bind on anything in the removal process.

    Removing the clutch can be a bit of a struggle sometimes. I use a butterfly rattle gun and they always come free in the blink of an eye.
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    Thanks Fabian! I was able to loosen it up with a 3/4 pipe on the end of my small wrench to give me some more tourqe.
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    I am glad for you, that the removal process was successful.
    When working on these engines, all sorts of things can go wrong, but fortunately (in this case) everything went right.