Replacement for Green Bike needed.

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  1. My second e-bike has developed a serious front fork wobble. I tore it down and in 3 years of hard riding the suspension fork internals are just worn out. Rather than trying to rebuild this cheap-o fork, or replace it with a decent quality fork, I think I will replace the entire bike, stripping off the electric stuff amd motorizing a new, better quality bike. Green bike is a Kent Avalon comfort bike with 26" wheels, s suspension fork, 8 speeds, and a very limited travel rear suspension. Considering that I paid only $100.00 for it new, it has held up fairly well to much higher speeds and much heavier loads than it was ever designed for.

    I'm looking for a good quality, full suspension, at least one disc braked mountain bike in my price range. I can get a pretty good deal on a Gravity Bikes FSX 1.0 DS. My other e-bike is a Genesis Sabre 2600 and this would be a step up from that, but I know almost nothing about Gravity Bikes. I did find a couple reviews and they thought the front fork was too soft and the rear shock not strong enough for serious downhill racing or serious trail riding. I will be riding this as a street bike only so I suspect I will never stress the suspension and my Genesis handles great to me as a street bike. Any input from people who know about Gravity Bikes before I order one? It will be appreciated
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