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    my names jon im 18 and just now got the idea to make a motorized bike I have a bike now its a single speed 20in bike cheapy from wal mart. I was thinking of a chainsaw motor but from what ive heard the clutches go out fast when you use a snigle speed and they could have some problems uphill. ive never built of seen one built before i live in a tiny town in alabama. what problems would i have using a single speed. im trying to stay simple and cheap. I planed on cutting out the petal assy. and welding up some angle iron or something to make a nice square or triangle mounting spot for the motor ( is this over kill, can I get away with 2 mounting spots) and running a chain to the rear sprocket. and will a one speed with a small enough sprocket move 180lb. thanks for the help
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    Hi, jweeks, welcome to the forum.

    Three holes isn't overkill, you should use every mounting hole that you can find, the last thing that you want is to have your motor come loose while you're driving.

    And as far as clutches going out, it depends on the brand of the chainsaw (some company's products are stronger than others).

    And it depends on the cc's of the chainsaw, (bigger chainsaw-more heavy duty clutch).

    With the right gearing, it could easily move 180lbs.
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    how could I gear my bike without using a dirailer sp? on that I really hate those things. and what brand would you recommend me stay away from
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    hi weeks; look at the name of this forum. if you cant pedal you will be building a motor cycle and have to get operators lisence, plates, insurance and have turn signals, horn, lights and an inspection. the easiest and simplest system is friction drive. go to search and look at all for f/d. your motor type has and is being used. good luck mitch
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    I don't know about the derailler question, but in my experience the worst chainsaw I had was a weedeater brand, the good ones that you should be after are 1.Husqvarna 2.Stihl 3. Craftsman.
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    As for gearing, it's really about reducing the rpm's of your friction roller to usable levels against the tire, or if you go to chain/belt drive, on that size bike, I'd reccomend a rear rack mount - and keep the pedals. Both for legal reasons, and to get you home if the engine quits.
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    ok ive got a chainsaw that had a safty on it were you pulled back a handle on it before you could start it, its on the clucth side i had to take that cover and handle deal off to get a sprocket on th clutch. anyone know if taking that off eleminates the safty inside it had a like a metal band that when it was off it looked like it tighten'd up around the clutch. can someone help me.
  8. alex

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    Just disconnect the metal band.