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    I read a post a few weeks back asking why do bicycle shops hate motored bicycles.I have a friend who works and owns a bicycle shop and I'll tell you what he said.First.I am not a motorcycle mechanic and not trained for some things.Second,I doubt the frame and rear wheel reliability of most modern china bikes to sustain long periods of running without damage to the frame and possible user.Third and last statement.If someone builds this and gets hurt or killed due to operator/assembly failure.I have to have that on my conscious and could possibly hurt my business If the bike was bought from my shop and word got out of this.I don't agree with his viewpoint.But,I do understand to an extent what he Is saying about chinese bicycle frame strength even though I not had an Incident yet due to this.Then you got some people who sell bicycles who are purist and only believe In pedalling and using a motor of any kind Is taking away the bicycle's Intended function.I just know that mopeds and motorcycles of today would not be around If not for the motorized bicycle built back In the middle 1800's.Nothing like the past to come Into the future.Please keep building away m.b. community and give thanks to our ancestors who paved the way for us.

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    Not only do I understand his viewpoint, I'll back up his thoughts 100%. Although I don't ever have any issues here in Alabama, members in too many other areas have BIG issues with local/state laws. Why draw attention where it is not needed?... more to follow....
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    I do state what I posted here Is not my opinion or me trying to start a feud.Just something I had a discussion about with my one and only mom and pops bicycle shop.He also mentioned I make more money selling overly expensive bikes even the ones made from china themselves to upper class kids than working on a wall mart bike and It's about business.He sells me the parts and I fix It myself.Only way to keep In good.