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    Good Afternoon This is the rookie, being the last person to join this forum. My name is Jim Stacey and I have a bike which I have added a gas motor that is very frustration. because it won't run properly. It takes me across town then won't start to bring me back so I have to peddle back. Thanks for listening. Jim

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    Jim...Good exercize? Seriously, can't help in this area, but we have plenty others who can...However, welcome to the Forums at MBc. Ask around , and read around the 2-stroke or whichever forums.
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    Welcome to the forum. These bike motors aren't Toyotas, so they will always require a bit of tinkering. The fix is usually a simple one. An engine that will not start after it is warmed up sounds like a bad ignition box. Do a lot of reading in the troubleshooting subforum before spending money on a fix.