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    Hello friends,

    I own a royal enfield 2002 model which has a cdi ignition.i am planning to perform some mods in order to facilitate the cold start.
    it has an exitor coil which charges the capacitor in side cdi unit,also there is a pulser coil which precisely gives the timing pulse according to the piston position .

    Now in due course of time as the exitor coil( produces around 100-150v @ 3000rpm) winding becomes weak there fore is unable to produce enough voltage to charge the capacitor as a result lots of kicking is needed to start the bike..
    To get rid of this issue i have decided to put a module which simply replaces the exitor coil.The module converts 12v dc(from battery) to 90v square wave ac @ 30khz frequency,this ac output is feeded to cdi unit,what i guess is that this mod would fully charge capacitor of cdi instantly & when kick is applied the timing pulse(from the pulsar coil) would triger the discharge the capacitor through scr tothe primary winding of ignition coil & would produce better sparks & hence better ignition.

    i would like to seek advice from the learned members of the group on the feasibility on this prospective mod.
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    normally a coil produces more voltage as the RPM goes up which your circuit won't do.
    as long as it produces enough voltage then it should work.
    better than that is supplying voltage via a diode to the circuit to up the low RPM voltage. keep the regular coil as is which will produce even more voltage as the RPM goes up.

    I had that problem on a dirt bike and I did that trick instead of paying $500 for new magneto and coil.
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    Thanks for response....

    the inverter iam using gives the voltage 90-120v ac which the alternator would produce at max rpm i.e 3000