Sachs 30cc-Rotary

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    Hey Guys and Gals have been here many times but never done a post so here is my first intro. Bought this bike recently of a dude who paid a lot lot more ($2800AUD)for it than what i did. The bike is great to ride but underpowered for my liking only about 26km max. Gunna see if i can soup it up sum and get it going better to cover more ground quicker.Its cool how it folds up i can now put it in the back of a car for the return trip from work if i can arrange it with work buddies as i have no license for a couple more months. Go here to read the specs on it if you are interested the bike on this site is not a fold up one like mine but looks pritty much the same also the front forks area is different
    Any one know how to get these things going quicker??? what mods are needed

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  2. wheelbender6

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    Welcome to the forum.
    What a unique drive train!
  3. give me vtec

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    is that a rotary engine... as in powered by trochoids (rotors), instead of pistons.???

    WOW... Really cool if it is... I didn't know that kind of engine was in production that small... who makes it???
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  4. SimpleSimon

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    Sachs built small wankel rotary engines, but that one appears to be a piston engine.
  5. give me vtec

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    Really???? Can it be fitted on a bike effectively??? How cool would that be.... seriously that would be sick. Im going to google....
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    That MadAs* looks pretty cool, but if you look closely, the engine appears to be a Honda 50 clone. Still, very interesting styling.

    The Saxonette has a nice compact looking engine package, but I couldn't get too excited about a 20km top speed.

    Keep Dreamin' - Xmas is still a ways off!
  8. give me vtec

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    yeah I saw that it was a regular engine after I read a little further... still a cool bike though.
  9. SimpleSimon

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    Look up the Hercules Wankel 2000 - Sachs produced the engines for those bikes in the early 1970's.
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    I wanted a Madass 125 but I haven't seen any in the states. It looks like you could get a Madass 50 and replace the engine with a 125cc clone engine.
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    That motor, or ones about like it, are very popular in Europe. Yours looks great !! Most dual suspension bikes are HEAVY, though. Any way to loose a few pounds on it ? Also, a smoother type tire may increase speed a little.
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