San Diego's 5th. Ride-Sat. 2-12-2011

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  1. scotto-

    scotto- Member

    SeaWorld to Del Mar
    and back

    Saturday - February 12th - 10 am

    Meet at the
    SeaWorld Boat Launch

    This will be a 40-mile ride so come prepared
    (extra gas if you'll need it, lunch money, etc.)
    And Please Wear A Helmet

    Google Maps hasn't been working right.
    You'll need to click your browser's "BACK" button after you click the Route Map link
    Click Here For Route Map

  2. StoreKeeper

    StoreKeeper Member

    Is this still on for this Saturday?

    Rx Bruce
  3. scotto-

    scotto- Member

    Absolutely.......10:am next to the boat launch and Sea World......hope you can make it!

  4. StoreKeeper

    StoreKeeper Member

    Great see you all yesterday.

    How as the rest of the ride.

    PS: Please let me know where i can get a Good center Kickstand.

    One of you all mentioned someone was selling them on Craig list.

    Thanks in advance

    Bruce / 4 stroke Beach Cruiser