Saw my first Cop today!


Local time
3:42 AM
May 18, 2008
Perth, Australia
Well i was riding up and down my street, and i was riding up ( luckily only doing 10mp/h ) and saw a paddy wagon coming down the street, i crappy myself, slowed down and pedaled and OMG it worked. They didnt even look at me because i was idling and pedaling i guess they did think it was a MB and thought i was just riding. I didnt wave or anything to get there attention or they might have noticed. When i saw em i went home, stopped there for a minute and then rode again.

One valuable lesson: Dont wave to them or do anything to attract attention or they will look at you more and notice, if you just put your head down, look straight ahead, slow down and pedal you most likely wont be noticed.

It was scary but i now no the fear of seeing a cop, my heart raced a million miles an hour but now its not that scary. After i heard my mates story i feel fine. I told him and he goes nah dw about cops, he got caught riding his 250cc dirt bike on the road doing 60km/h ( hes 14 ) and the cops just made him push it home, no fines just a warning.

Thanks for reading,

From Brendon.v
what are you worried about ??

It was my first one so i got scared but im not to scared now. Its just im riding very illegally lol, 14 and 30cc engine. gotta be 16 and 200Watts in Perth, o well i dont think a police man will no much about MB laws anyway and they wouldnt hav the time to pull a kid over on his pushbike lol.