Schwinn Clairmont or Thruster Fixie???

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Schwinn or Thruster

  1. Schwinn Clairmont

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  2. Thruster Fixie

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  1. mrdylanspencer

    mrdylanspencer New Member

    I just bought a Schwinn Clairmont and ordered a Grubee Skyhawk. Then one happy day i was walking through walmart and something on a familiar bike cought my eye and lit a bulb. It occured to me that the ever so common Thruster Fixie already had a permanent sprocket installed! then i did some research and found out the ratio is much too small. that research showed me that by removinng the lock nut that holds the fixed sprocket on, the new sprocket can be bolted perfectly to the smaller one! so here is my question for anybody that has used either of these common bikes in a happytime build...

    Which bike is best for a motor? The Schwinn looks extremely cool but the frame seems less beefy. also the front down tube will require a mounting bracket. i really hate the sandwich method for the sprockets and im not too sure about the spoke/hub quality. The thruster has cool colors and a beefy frame with strong looking welds. the kit sprockets go on without any worry of misalignment. the only negative i can think of is that people say the lock nut strips easily and requires quicksteel etc. other thruster builds have complaints about too much vibration also.

    I can return the schwinn and get a thruster tomorrow ... what do you guys think? can i get any replies by 10 am tomorrow? (7/10)