Schwinn-dian! Alternative to HT power



I've written a couple of times to different folks on here and they all wanted to see what I had done differently to my MB. Well, here ya go fellas.
It's an early 80's Schwinn Cruiser with a mid 70's Indian 50cc dirtbike engine, kickstart, single speed, centrifugal clutch with gear reduction, magneto ignition with 30 watt lighting coil (headlight-taillight coming soon) and a 15mm Mikuni carb. The trick pipe is a combo of the orig head pipe welded to a modified pocketbike expansion chamber I bought off the net ($40 or so).
You will recognize the fuel tank and drive set up as Happy Time equipment.....yep, came from a kit I bought locally but decided NOT to use the engine. I also updated the tensioner by using a motorcycle roller with double sealed bearings (skateboard) and works very smooth with zero slop. I am using a completely overkill chain KMC-910 the should last another 100 yrs by the look of it! I wanted NO hassles with busted chains so I went nuts.
So far I have had this little runner up near 35mph, the carb is jetted a bit fat on top as the engine was four stroking at that speed......will lean it out and should pick up a couple more MPH. Vibration is about half what the HT engines are, I suspect some time was spent on counterbalancing back in Italy and it sure shows.
Those bright sparks on here may notice the engine is mounted up a bit higher in the frame than the HT, the "little Italian" is a touch wider than the HT engines and the pedals would touch soooooo up it went! hehe
BTW....I DID see another bike on here refered to as a "Schwinn-dian" but it didn't have an engine....was a cruiser pdeal only bike made to look like an old timer.

OH Yea, almost forgot.....the front brake is a cool old drum style unit I scored new from a nice lady in PA who runs a bike parts website at . She has them NEW as well as the spokes to lace it to most any rim you wish.
I liked the Whizzer look of it and it is very strong stopping with two fingers, reccomended!

So, wadayathink?

best to all,


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iRide Customs

Apr 27, 2007
Sweet machine Ray! How's that little Indian for vibration? Do you have to stand on a milk crate to get your leg high enough to kick the thing over??:D

Bean Oil

^ ^ ^ He mentioned in his original post that, "Vibration is about half what the HT engines are, I suspect some time was spent on counterbalancing back in Italy and it sure shows. " which is awesome and now I'm quite envious. LOL.

He has a YouTube vid of it in which he starts the thing with one HAND.

Fantastic solution to, in his words, "Chinese nonsense", meaning the rattletrap Happy Time engines.

Well done, Wrench!
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I like the mounting system but would think it needs more than 1 mounting point but I guess it works! Nice and surprisingly easy to start in the video.