Schwinn OC Chopper 2006 Limited Edition w/ 66cc motor and build-out

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    Intro first: The other day I was out cruising around on my Schwinn 7 Speed cruiser with a Grubee Skyhawk 66cc w/ speed demon muffler, mm intake manifold, and 32 tooth sprocket, when I saw a yard sale with a bike out front. It was the limited edition Schwinn OC Chopper Stingray 20" Bicycle. I got two of them for $80, later finding out these bikes go for $100-$400 a piece (used-new prices) on ebay. Well I've already ordered the engine and next week I'll be ordering the build-out package and some extra accessories. I'll upload a video and a few pics when it's done :D

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    Forgot to upload a picture. Once I get some more business/money together this project will be going along a lot faster. Recently, I've been working on my own daily driver which has eaten up all my free time (other than work).

    P.S. These are before pictures.