schwinn scooter conversion hello ppls

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    Im posting from a phone but im in the process of converting a schwinn CD-500 electric scooter in to an all gas powered scooter. Im using a 31cc 4stroke motor kit I got on E-bay for $210 shipped. I believe its a honda but its "upgraded" I really wanted the robin subaru eho 35 but I couldn't find a kit for anywhere close to the price I got on the 31cc. All I found were in the $5-6 hundred range. Boo. Oh well we will see if it works out. I've been planning this for over a year now and the scooter already has some upgrades from factory. I was riding it as an a electric and bent a rear rim so the set was upgraded to some beefier ones, as we'll as a larger rear brake and a freewheel rear sprocket. There wasn't a front brake at all so a set of old bmx front brakes went on. The rims are 12.5 in and I painted them black the tires are hard to find in that size but I got some with the new/used rims I picked up at a local scooter store. They we're a great find at $15 for the front and $25 for the rear. The rear came complete with new brake and a freewheel. The deck was girly colors so I put on some griptape from a skateboard shop $5. The scooter was free cause my mom gave it to me. She used it untill she killed the batteries completely. It totally works it just dies after 5 minutes of use. So not even gonna try to just replace batteries it didn't have the range I want even with new batteries. Gas baby 2 hp of screaming (well squealing ) power that will go as long as there is gas in the tank. No more 15 miles of riding and then 4 hours of charging. Yeah that's all I want. I have pics of it as it sits ill post them all at once after I get some progress on it. The motor is gonna be here in two days

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    Welcome to the forums at MBc...

    Sounds like you are well on your way. Send us some pics when you can. I really hope you can 'pedal' that beastie as well as run it on motor power. This is, after all, a motoredBIKING community, not a SCOOTER community, and we do have rules.
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    Well it has no pedals. But it is a schwinn! I wanted the scooter because its light and strong. Also it is comfortable to ride. I own a motobecane 400ht aluminum framed bike that I love more than the schwinn and I don't want to risk tweeking the frame under load of the motor or anything. I've been coming to read these forums for a long time and I've seen numerous times that people recommend not using aluminum framed bikes. So im not and also im not going to spend any money on an old steel frame just to have to swap all my parts over anyway. The bicycle is perfect it goes when I pedal. The schwinn scooter is sitting and rusting in waiting for this motor. I had to follow all bike laws when riding the scooter as an electric anyway with a top speed of 13 mph woo hoo... NOT!
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    well i put it on my motobecane

    Let's see if I can put a pic on here thru my phone." No comp" no such luck
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    so i put the kit on my mountain bike

    Im dissapointed with the engineering of the clutch/motor mount and the bell was warped when it arrived. The little motor seems good enough, I saw a youtube vid of this motor with a floatbowl carb and im convinced cause the guy was right the carb that's on it is designed for 2 strokes. I am going to replace the clutch bell for a complete one w/ housing and redesign the motor mount. Maybe just use studs that are long enough to attach the new clutch housing, use 4 spacers and lock nuts to attach the whole assembly to the piece of channel that's housing the bearings and spindle. Im sure that will work i'm just not convinced it will be as strong as some. Ill just see what I have to work with when I get parts but the engine mating surface could be much closer to the channel than it is currently and I'd like to pull it in as far as possible. I have run it and the power is there I just have alot of noises from the clutch and the pivot bolt for the shoes keeps backing out. I've had to pull it apart three times now and that's not acceptable because I've only gone for three test rides no real distance. Not even a full tank gone yet this tank only took 48. cents to fill for the first time with gas almost $4 a gal.!
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    Use a lock washer and locktite on the pivot bolt.
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    **** i broke the the shank

    The spindle is trashed. Im going to put one of the complete housings on and redesign the motor mount with studs and locking nuts. It should bring it closer to the rack as well as fix the weak point by drilling out the stock spindle and using a grade eight bolt all the way thru to the clutch bell. Stronger and better weight distribution im waiting on parts again. That sucks it broke on its first tank of gas.
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    this is her I can't upload from my droid to this site so a link to my mobile album
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    after an expensive trip...

    Only took 15min at the machine shop and I had to help him get the bearings back in. He still charged me $35 to lathe the broken spindle. Boo! Only $3 at home depot for 3/8 threaded rod, 2 lock washers, 1 cap nut and some high temp loc-tite. I just reused the warped clutch bell. Hope it'll be ok for a lil bit longer this time LOL. After r&r of the spindle the bearings are much smoother and freed up a lot. It crossed my mind that may be why it failed in the first place.
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    im not sure what to do now

    I see several options. One more expensive way is just order all bmp parts that I'll need including the clutchbell/shaft, new bolts, spacers, The 1/2" bearings, spindle and locking collar. That will cost almost $80. Or I'll need a dremel and a tap set. And I'll put a square hole in the clutchbell for a lag bolt, a couple set screws in the spindle I had lathed, and a castle nut and cotter pin too top it off. The bolt will need to be 3/8" in diameter and almost 6" long. Or pretty much the same method with 3/8" stock and another set screw in the clutchbell. Any feed back would be welcomed.