sheared mounting bolts

Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by kcmcf, Aug 17, 2008.

  1. kcmcf

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    i have been checking all bolts every other ride had to take the long way to work yesterday down a muddy i meeeeeeen muddy dirt road, came home no problems did very well in the mud. went to work today my normal way when i got there i noticed that one of the rear mounting bolts was hanging out so i barly touched the other and it fell out also. sheared smooth right at the block.
    guess i will be tring to fix tomarrow as it is my weekend hopfully i can get it fixed before i go back to work tuesday afternoon.


  2. jboisclair

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    Yeah this just happened to me also, I will have to get an Easy Out bit to remove the broken stud and then I will replace all of them with higher quality bolts.
  3. kcmcf

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    just my luck i got one out then the ezi out broke in the other now i am just p$$$$$$$ed off, tore it all down to see if i could drill it out from the back side nope. so i drilled a new hole about a bolt with away from the old one have to get a tap tomarow and new bolts. think i am going to make a motor mount like sick bikes looks like it should hold up verry well.

  4. kcmcf

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    ok got every thing but back together going to take it to work today and see how it goes

  5. Skyliner70cc

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    Never had this problem. Could be that replacing these with USA studs is common knowledge in many builds. make sure you replace them all, not just the broken ones. Don't forget the locktite.
  6. kcmcf

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    replaced with grade 8 locktight and lock washers, so far so good.