Short term fix for more power

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    Hi agian and thanks for your answers,actually my main question is I need more pull starting out?This is very gutless and I live in Pgh,Pa are and we got hills!!!LOL
    I have just gotten the Whizzer and wanta ise as much as I can before snow flies ,so any tips on how to pull pout quicker ?Thanks in advance

    Several issues need to be considered before increasing power on the NE-r and Ambassador II. Sadly many [if not all] cylinders on the later edition motors weren't cured correctly. The aluminum is too brittle and the headbolt threads "shear". The bolts continue to work loose and the normal reaction is to assume they are simply un-screwing. Problem is the threads are "lifting" and eventually the threads will pull completely out, and leave a smooth hole. Even heli-coils won't hold because they also need to thread into the cylinder.

    If the motor is run too long with out re-curing the aluminum it will develope "hot spots" and can't be re-worked. Although it requires a lot of work, the only solution so far has been to re-cure the metal to make it less brittle. Simply bake the cylinder [valves removed] in an oven at 350 degrees for 3 hours, then let cool to room temperature. This process has worked in about 95% of the cases.

    If you want to simply increase the power without a major investment in time, just remove the restrictor, open the hole to match the port and reinstall. if the rear belt is on the larger of the two drive pulleys, move it to the smaller pulley [may need to reverse the pulley on the shaft] and it will allow it to take off quicker.

    On some of the later edition NE-r the camshaft was advanced 2 teeth instead of 1 [not sure of the logic employed], it works best ONE TOOTH ADVANCED, and the lifter clearance should be .006" intake and .008" exhaust.

    You must also consider the RPM level of the stock motor....... I find the CVT not opening all the way because of low RPMs. If you make a few changes the motor will rev higher and therefore open the CVT more to change the ratios and the additional power will help the take-off speed.

    Have fun,
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    Well I must thank you for the quick answer,I dont plan on riding it too much and I had noticed the pully just a bit earlier,that will give me the low end but I may loose some speed which is ok,30mph is ok to blow off some stink!This winter I will tear down with some help and do the head on the oven and the copper head gasket.Agian TY
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    NER-short term fix for more power

    Here is my 2 cents worth on the NER. I purchased one a year ago and got to 250 miles and the headgasket went. I took the motor off and sent it to Quenton and he did his thing to it by curing the cylinder etc and sent it back. Originally I had problems as the stator then went etc. and the clutch bearing failed/and boy did I learn alot about working on the **** thing. Smartest thing I did was called Quenton and had a nice long conversation. After the conversation and his recommendation, I pulled the top off of the breather and pulled out the steel wool that was packed so tight I doubt any air could have gotten through it and replaced with about half full of nylon scrubber.
    I have done nothing else other than his upgrades and the breather and it is now running the best it has ever ran. I am pulling consistently now 25-30 mph at 3200 to about 3800 rpm according to the tach. I was having trouble starting as the belt had stretched and the adjustment was all the way forward. So tonight I took one of the belt tensioners from the whizzer I had with a slip clutch and put it on to take up just a little of the slack on the belt. That made all the difference in the world. I now have good acceleration from a stop and am happy as a clam.
    One other piece of advice Quenton gave was to ditch the tires. I went to a Electra 2.35 blackwall and when I took the Kenda's off they were like paper thin on the side walls. It corners better, does not feel squirely in the corners, lowers the profile and is just a better bike. Just need to find a better seat and I will be happy until the engine shells. At that time I am converting to a Qmatic as I really like my other bike with the Silent Drive.

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    Tire size?

    I have been thinking,but if I would put the 26x2.125 size tires I would also gain some low end by downsizing the tire?Or am I just rambling?Thanks
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    Hi froberti,

    The larger [original] tires travel 8" more than the 2.125 per revolution. That is approx 10% difference. The smaller tires will indeed aid in "taking off", make the speedometer more accurate, and produce an entire different ride. The tire change may also increase the top speed because of less weight, and less moving mass.

    Have fun,
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    hello Quenton
    Your ez motorbike uses 24" wheels right?

    how do you make the Whizzer speedometer that you use accurate?

    Aren't the Whizzer speedo's calibrated for 26" wheels?
  7. Quenton Guenther

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    Hi BiMoPed.

    One of the EZM prototypes has 24" wheels, the others have 26" wheels.

    I have checked the speedometer on the 24" several times with a radar gun [one of my friends is on the Police dept.] and it is off by 10%. When it indicates 40 MPH it is testing at 36 MPH on the radar.

    The 26" test bikes are within 1 MPH of the indicated speed.

    Have fun,
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    I would agree with Quenton, regarding more torque on low end, I am experiencing/noticed better torque on take off etc. with the smaller tires on my NER and it does not seem to pull the engine as hard. Worth the effort and the money. Word of caution, when you put the front wheel back on, make sure the washers seat in the drop outs correctly, can tell if not right if the brakes feel spongy.

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    Thanks for your replys,I am also going to put on the whitewalls for the classic look!!The bike has 521 miles on it ,doesnt seem to be having any other problems,agian thanks to all for answers and still looking for more!:bowdown:
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    tires made a difference,now have to replace rear belt

    OK is it best to get the belt from Whizzer of USA?Or from someone on here,I took off the belt now it wants to flip and run sideways.and its way to tight,I have to loosen motor and slide it back I believe with new belt?
  11. Quenton Guenther

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    Hi froberti,

    I would order a belt from Whizzer [maybe two] because it isn't a common belt and I doubt many companies would stock it.

    You will need to loosen motor to install and set up the new belt.

    Have fun,