Simpson Model 10 prototype

Hi all, yesterday, before the run-in with the ChickenS**t motorbikers wife and I were up at the fab shop working on my newest bike. The Model 10 is Almost what I had wanted from the very beginning.

She will require stiffer springing on the front, has 3+ inches of travel, low ground clearance and a mean look.

I have licensed Solano County Choppers to produce and sell finished bikes, and I will continue to sell chassis. We are currently schedualling a dedicated run of 7 new chassis to be built. 5 for Solano, and 2 pre-ordered from a customer in WA State to build from me. Solano is projecting 4-8 bikes per month, however that will depend on his sales.

If any of you want one of these, either now, or soon, it would be most wise to let me know. I do not know how many will be built, surely there will never be as many as I wish there would be!

Here are some pre-release pics of my newest old bike



As soon as a couple of little details are finished, I will bring her home, slide all the drivetrain parts back on her, ride, and work out a few kinks, make the inframe toolbox, then it's teardown and powder.

looks great Mike, could you see all of us that build getting together and building a MBc theme bike......I got dibs on all the aluminum cans from the group meeting...that should pay for most of the fab work......if we can see strait after that :LOL:
engines prices and stuff

HI no more news on the 4-strokes yet, I'm trying to figure out what to do about them. Mine is performing flawlessly, tho I have to force myself to ride it rather than my Whizzer.
Some people say there is not a lot of "cheapness" going on here and the next thing I read is about someone talking about the 4-stroke kit in thier town for 295, less money than I'm yet able to get them shipped to me here. I will need to go more direct. However, before I would import these things I need to be sure that no-one is gonna "cheap me out" I am not wealthy, and cannot take those kinds of risks.

On the model 10, pvt me, as it's not popular to price things in the posts here, and I can let you know about it.
This I will say here. ALL U.S. MADE IN CALIFORNIA!!! That's worth shouting about.

My entire design is based on AMERICAN motorcycles. It is mandrell drawn tubing in top and front, normalized chromoly in the rear triangle area. ALL flat stock 1/4 steel plate. Steer tube, and bottom bracket are 120 wall machined inside for the bearing cups. I do not think you'll find a stronger bike frame anywhere.

I was hit by a Ford pickup (sideswiped, actually) I was a bit the worse for the wear, not the bike.

I currently have enuf plate stock precut to build 8, not the 7 ordered, so, who knows?

Building, yes loco, building would be very fun, but I have no shop here. I would also wonder, what in the heck would we build? I built 1 chopper bicycle and that, so far, has been enuf for me.

The next thing I have on the horizon, along with the Model 10 will be a Bobber, I bet you. Built with the same quality, strenght, durability, and with Whizzer motormounts as the 08-10 series are. I'm negotioating that now, with another designer, to get his chassis alongside mine. This way we can front Model 10, 1940's style Hardtail bobber with springer, and the Whizzer Motorbike to have a killer line-up.

Do NOT hold your breath on the Bobber, as that deal is VERY fragile. Anyone waiting for that project better marry a girl who's father owns a Shoe Store, as he'll likely be walking a long time!

I hope to continue to improve the Motor Bicycle business, and am open to most ideas except cheap. Cheapness leads only to eBay Box-Sellers, no service, no commitment to the end user, and no improvements of the breed. I would love to see reasonable, but I abhor cheap!

Looks good Mike. I like the slacked head angle much better! I have been tossing around ideas for the next iRide bike and I am pretty sure it will be this classic look...I just never get tired of it.

The bobber project would be great to see...I hope things work out for that.

Prototype 10

That is too cool. If you sell it will the necessary parts come with it like the tank springer frount end, and those other necessary parts come with it?

I go to Daytona all of the time. That would be perfect to take to Daytona for bike week Biketober fest and some of the other special events, or even just park outside of Boot Hill. Or the Iron Horse Saloon.
the "racer" is a beaut mike :)

about the 4-stroker kits...all we want is a decent product at a decent price...and a reliable supply :)

not all of us here are in the clouds when it comes to the reality of what is "cheap" and what is simply "affordable" and may require (optional) upgrades. offer a kit/engine that will install & run 'outta the box' @ a reasonable price, and then just ignore the "cheapos" 8)
Racers, 4-strokes, and good times

Hi I just brought her home, it's late, and that 12 of #33 was sooo good after a day at the "Salt Mine". 33 you say???? Good gosh I never thought I'd need to tell anyone here about the "Rolling Rock"!!!

Davidsis, My chassis have always come with Tank, Springer, frame, drop stand, front and lower bearings, seatpost, adapter, and clamp, the bolts, nuts, and acorns to assemble the fork, drop stand, and rockers. I have known for so long, that many kits are nearly impossible to build, some because they leave out hard to find parts, others because of requiring machine work or other complications.

In other news, I hope to bring the 4-strokes to a logiacl price and availablity, it's late, I'm only half done with what needs to be done, and got a Union Meetin' tomorrow.