Sir, you're gas tank is leaking......!

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  1. mikaleno

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    I've got the stock motorized bike gas tank and both the back threaded stud's are leaking gas.............Nice.

    So what the best way to fix it????

    Liquid steel, have some bloke weld it? I hate to bin it because it's a chrome one.

  2. Are the studs loose to the tank? Have you tried turning them in clockwise?
    I use this stuff called water weld when I modded my tank and got a different cap for it. It holds in the gas pretty good. It's a putty when mixed with your fingers dries rock hard.
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    I just had the tank off, the stud's aren't loose. They look like their welded on from the inside before they put the top half of the tank on.....Velry tlickey. While I had it off I drained it, fill up the sink with water put the tank in and blew like **** through the cap to pressurized it with the pet cox closed.......
    Wow! I feel a little tipsy.......:yuck:

    Could not get bubbles or no sign of a leak???????? You mean to tell me gas can get though, but pressurized air can't???

    Oh well, I'll try filling it up tomorrow to see if it's still leaking, it gets a little smelly when you live in a bachelor apt.

    Thanks' for the help mate!
  4. Check your fuel line. Some of us use that clear stuff that gets hard with age and that's cool. I use an automotive fuel line and I needed to clamp it down with a hose clamp or it would leak.
    I bet your tank was leaking from there and the gas ran under so it appeared to be running from the screws.
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    I bet you're right, every gas line I've put on there has leaked. I always thought people were selling me vacuum hose instead of gas line. Yes, that clear line works great on my other bike, I may have to order some more.

    Good thing I took the gas tank off because I noticed all kinds of rust and crud in the thing. Put some gas in and swished it around and pored it out the pet cox. Yes I cleaned the fuel filler, and I have a in line one also.

    I'll try the hose clamps.

    Thanks' again LF, you're on it!
  6. Warner

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    That is why plastic tanks rock. (and why the motorcycle manufactuers paint the INSIDE of their tanks too). A plain steel tank without some type of rust inhibitor will rust very quickly.

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    brazing gas tank

    I have had this problem on a half dozen tanks mounted to the frame the way the kit instructions tell you to mount the tank.What I have done is braze the tank around the studs and repaint bottom of tank, problem solved. Caution make sure tank is dry and aired out good befor brazing. I have also made a mandrel which I set up in an engine press to bend brackets to fit my frames which I then weld to my frames, then I use 4 rubber isolaters on each stud of the tank then remount tank to frame, this solve the leaking tank problem permently.My source for the mounts is Enterprise Rubber Inc. 1-330-633-7460 Part# M4-141094-R40. This rubber mount is 1x3/4 with 1.0 meteric thread with 1/2 female and 1/2 male, screws onto tank fit through mounts on frame. Good luck
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    Thanks CL, I ordered some Por-15. I'm going to look into the brazing also, I'll have to learn how to do that. Rubber mounts are good to, the problem is if those studs have any pressure on them when you tighten the tank down you will have trouble. As it was the back mount was broken when I took the tank off....So to much pressure.
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    Sir, you're a welder!

    Thanks CL,

    You gave me the stones to try my hand at Brazing that tank. Bought a little welder kit at True Value Hardware. Just make sure you grind/sand around those stud's so you get a clean weld, (yes, wash that tank out good first). Then I got some little rubber gaskets that they put in faucets that looked about the right size. Put that between the tank and the mount and don't over torque the nuts.

    No more leak's..........!!!
  10. thebigz

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    Hi... I have a similar problem - but with the gas cap. It rattles but it also let's gas come out - especially if I hit bumps.... Should I replace the cap? or gaskets? I tried finding a new cap at a local auto store - no go... Is there a place where I could get one? url?

    Also, I purchased some extreeme heat paint to paint the motor... Could I also just paint the gas tank with it? Would this prevent rusting?
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    Hi, Bigz

    Yeah, one of my tanks leaks at the cap also. I just don't fill it up all the way (still seeps a little). Tell ya the truth I think they all leak a little there, don't ask me why. I believe one of these HT dealers sells just the cap, you should surf all these sites so you get a handle on who has what. If worse comes to worse just order another tank. This is one of those area's that needs to be addressed........"Do ya hear me China"!!!

    As long as the paint is fuel proof, I think those Hi-temp paints are. All of the tanks have rust in them, or will, just use a fuel filter. When the tank is too far gone get a new one, or you can Por-15 it........Ahhhh, a lot of $'s & work.
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    The only problem I have had with gas cap was the gasket. Should be able to find a replacement gasket at a Napa store, good luck
  13. thebigz

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    thanks. What kind of gasket could i get? Is there a specific type I should ask for? Are there any places I can get a new gas cap. help?
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    i had a problem with my tank comming loss so i took a rubber hose and cut it in half and put it on the frame and put the gas tank on that and it stayed on and there is no fribration or metal to metal
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    Exactly, I wish someone would make after market tank's (Ga.) for motorized bikes with some choices and better quality. Like a sportster tank for choppers, a cafe tank, cylinder tank for boardtrack style, etc.

    I tried to get one of these mini chopper dealers to sell me a tank, of course they couldn't do it.

    All I can say is the motorized bike market is ripe for someone to start making cool accessories and improvements that we all need and want.
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    Hi Bigz: Here Is the number to a place in Montana I get alot of my two stroke parts from 1-800-514-8435 ask for Jeromy he's a sharp kid and will get you what you need. Let me know how it go's.
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    The virtues of plastic/poly tanks are many indeed, there's only one problem, "they look like plastic".....Not really something I want on my chopper, and their not that cheap either.

    Tanks for the memories & help.
  20. GasKicker

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    All of my gas caps leaked too. I placed an O ring nder one cap between the gasket and the knob to get more down pressure on the gasket. Stopped the leak but the cap is a little harder to lock into place.
    On another bike I didn't have an O rin at the time and I just wrapped a rubber band around it, (again, under the gasket) with the same results.
    I have also placed rubber under my gas tank using pieces of the hand grips which I had to cut away when i put the new ones on. Don't like metal on metal.