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    i was wondering if you could put a slant plug head on a 70cc 2 stroke and work any one tried ? or know anyone who has or just a general reason as to why it wont work

    pic from when i first got kit.

    bike is apart right now getting painted and was wondering if i could put a slant plug head on it cuz i might clear better. cant get plug out without pulling engine which sucks.

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    I have a slant head motor and from looking at the picture, I don't think it would really clear much better because there is basically no room there. Because it's at an angle though, you might be able to remove it without pulling the motor. It's hard to tell from just looking at the picture.

    Will a slant head work with the motor? I have no clue.
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    Who else remembers those banana seat days?
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    That's when bikes had style.
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    I just finished refurbishing a couple of those oldies for some kids in the family. They are the envy of the neighborhood now!!! How cool is that?!? The classics never go out of style... As far as slant head idunno, but if it does work its seems you may beable to change plug by loosening the mounts and 'shifting' the engine a bit to remove plug. Easier than pulling the whole thing...
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    My daughter currently rides an all-original and excellently preserved Stingray Fairlady- pink with a flowered basket, of course.
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    found cure replaced studs from engine mount with hardened hex head machine bolts i can remove the rear and take out alum spacer and loosen the bottom and move engine just enough to get the plug out . tried it on a spare frame white im waiting for paint to dry. i love these bikes to death. also i think i have enough room to put a sick bike parts shifter kit on and im gonna use the top tube mount suicide shifter for the 5 speed. if pedal sprocket's will clear engine ill have to measure.
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    You could rotate the engine a little on it's mount, bring it down a bit in front to give you clearance around the plug. Removing the spacer block on the back mount gives you a lot more space to work because you can slide the engine back to wrap around the frame. You might have to fabricate a new manifold for the carb to get it level and in the right place, but that is a very simple cheap welding job.

    oops, I reread your post it sounds like that is exactly what you have done. cheers.
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    One of the ones I just finished is a 90% original 1967 Fair lady stingray- stock 'Brilliant Blue' my niece is in love with it. Makes me happy to see her so happy. Sorry, not trying to hijack yer thread dude, back over to the head question...
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    here is one i did. its a 50 though

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    Sweet Looking Bike Mines A Repop So I Think The Clearance Is Different But Ill Make Due . Ive Started A Build Thread To Show My Progress . Bikes Name Is Tear'n Asphault
  12. Do you have an Original 5 speed shifter? Those are beyond rare.
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    yeah my brother got it for me for my birthday it just needs re stickered and a overload tube(which is usually 40$)