Slick 'n quick cruiser build

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  1. Mr Whiskers?

    Mr Whiskers? New Member

    Hey guys so here is my project so far. Its a sims cruiser which I chose cuz I wanted something a little bit different than the standard cruiser, and I love the lines of it. I have a Speedstar slant 66cc kit installed that is mostly stock but mods are next to come.

    -66cc Black slant head motor
    -Port matched exhaust and gasket
    -Port matched intake pipe and gasket
    -custom front motor mount
    -all new upgraded hardware
    -flipped and shortened bars
    -shortened seat tube
    -pinstriped tank
    -bobbed front fender/notched rear
    -all cables wrapped in hockey tape for a "vintage" look
    -new wide whites

    This is my first build and its still a work in progress with lots of work to come. Next I plan on doin basic perf. mods (expansion chamber, SPB shift kit, carb, port job etc.) and some more cosmetic touches but so far its been a blast and ive learned alot from her! Let me know what you think and Im glad to be part of the forum!

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  2. ccpomea

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    That is very nice
  3. motorpsycho

    motorpsycho Active Member

    that looks pretty cool and i especially like the bobbed fenders.
    is the striping on the tank tape or paint?
  4. Barret

    Barret Guest

    Wow...that IS slick! Love the striping, and the overall "black" look of the bike.

    Thanks for sharing!


    PAPAROACH Member

  6. Mr Whiskers?

    Mr Whiskers? New Member

    Updated Pics.....Much better looking now.

    Motor psycho, stripes were not painted luckily as I ended up removing them! Let me know what you think.

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  7. Jacksonsman

    Jacksonsman New Member

    How does that exhaust sound? Deeper and more muffled?