Sprockets small chain sprocket dimensions

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    im putting a mini bike x7 engine on my bike and i have everything i need but my big problem is i need to change the countershaft sprocket on the transmission(that turns the chain) to a sprocket that will be able to use the heavy duty bicycle chains. now the reason i cant just buy a small chain sprocket and put it in is that the shaft is shaped like this;
    _-_-_-_ but as a circular shaft.
    so what i can do is cut the teeth off and kep the part that slides onto the shaft and weld a sprocket around it. the only problem is i need a sprocket that can use the bike chain and has a hole that is .875 inches in diameter. ive searched everywhere for this but i cant find it. can anyone please help me!?!?! D:

    also could someone tell me the inside diameter of the small chain sprocket sold on most motorized site that looks like this?

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    I think that .875" shaft is going to be the killer for you.... short of welding on a sprocket, you may be out of luck here

    The easier way to go may be to leave it alone and run it to a jackshaft with a sprocket the same pitch, and on the jackshaft have a #41 pitch sprocket running to the rear wheel

    I am in the same boat as you with trying to find a 6 spline sprocket for my transmission, and absolutely can not find one anywhere... my last resort is running a jackshaft
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    true, but if i weld it on i need to find a sprocket that will fit the bike chain but have a hole with a diameter of 1/2 inch

    ur right, i cant find anywhere with a sproket that side with a 7/8(.875) inch hole
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