So Cal Rat Tracker/bar Hopper

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    well i finally finished up the patina brass tank, mounts and leather straps. took her for a ride today after a week of down time and man, did i miss it! been rainin' here in dago last week so it was a good time to do the tank, i'll tell ya if i had to weld another stud back into that flimsy stock peanut tank i think i'd start shootin'! LOL. silver soldiered the tank and air tested under water at 20 psi, she should be 100 times better than the stock peanut. BIG THANKS TO INTERMOUNTAIN RADIATOR IN POWAY FOR THE SILVER SOLDER AND BRASS, YOU ROCK!!! next on the list is the suicide clutch lever and the leaf spring front end, i was gonna fab a regular vertical springer, but the leaf spring just looks so cool, and it would almost act like a front fender! i've hit 35 mph when i had v brakes up front, but since they dont fit since i lowered her, i putt around at 25, the limits of the coaster. hopefully i can make a disk system fit when i make the leaf front end. gotta figure out the best way to make some triple trees and go from there, until then...

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    Love the leather on the gas tank.
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    new air filter

    heres some pics of my new air filter, theres a 1 inch piece of exhaust tubing in the tip of the radiator hose to allow clamping of the PBR can, and a piece of 3m scotchbrite pad(purple) cut in a disc to fit snug in the base of the can, for a filter. the top/inside of the can is cut out for the inlet. it works great! seems a little more responsive and a lot more throaty! the big can amplifies the intake sound a lot.

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  4. knobb490

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    Nice brass work on the tank, nice shop too!
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    that's tight homez. I dig that PBR air cleaner. The whole bike is a work of art man. I feel inspired to build my bike to look as mean. =)
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    WICKED looking tank, nice.