Bike Security Solution to motor bike thievery

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    So After livin in Boston for a few months I've noticed the large amount of bicycle and motor bike theft. I am wondering if there isn't some way motor bicyclists could form brotherhoods to protect the the things they worked so hard to build. I mean who would steal a motorbike if they knew it would lead to an @$$ whooping? I'm invisioning chain whips and sleeveless denim jackets.

  2. if its that bad maybe you could use multiple bike locks,like 5 or more of diffrent kinds or a long aircraft quality cable motorcycle lock that goes threw everypart of the bike.
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    I use roughly 5 bike locks, depending on the neighborhood and how lazy I'm feeling.

    I basically have all parts of the bike locked up the the bike rack, including chains, motors, clutches, handlebars, etc.
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    the hard thing is

    the hard thing is
    you will have to sleep with your bike to catch them in the act
    these guys are punks
    they steal ((big guys)) motor cycles when they get a chance

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    True enough. A few days ago I followed a link on motorcycle locks to a biker forum and there they had tales of woe about thieves using hydraulic boom trucks picking up hogs.
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    In the billion dollar bailout bill last year there was a $30 per month PER bike tax credit, for the purchase of bicycles, bicycle improvements (which is where MB fits in), bicycle security or bike sheds on industrial grounds.

    This is a potential place to build a small business, promoting or distributing the many varieties, or maybe designing and building your own.

    A bicycle locker or bike box is a locker / box in which a single bicycle can be placed and locked in. They are usually provided at places where numerous cyclists need bike parking for extended times (such as during the working day or at university),[1] yet where the bikes might otherwise get damaged or stolen (such as at public bus terminals).

    They could be promoted to businesses and city governments, apartment building owners, etc.
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    when we had our bicycle shop
    one customer had at least 3 bikes stolen in less that a year and a half
    one was locked inside their garage cable locked to some plumbing pipes
    seems that if they want it
    as they say
    they will get it

    Hells Angels don't seem to have the problem
    they leave a picture of their pretty selfs on their gas tanks
    pays to be pretty !!

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    How about when you park your bike, you could disconnect your ignition and to make special insulated grips somewhere and attach the leads to it... so when the guy tries to take off with your bike, he will get a good shock in the nuts!
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    I had a Chevy pickup and was asked to help get a bike to a garage to be worked on. As I scrambled arround looking for a 2X6 or something to walk the bike up the tailgate, two members of a well renouned club grabbed the bike and set it into the bed! Couldn't believe my eye's! It was only a sporty but my truck was a ZR2 and sat pretty high! These guy's were monsters! After seeing that, even if I had a Harley, I'd lock it up, unless in plain sight!
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    I just retired from the US Air Force, a few years ago I was stationed in San Antonio and a bunch of young airmen were driving around on base in an Air Force pickup and hauling off crotch rockets. Everyone just assumed they were impounding them. Turns out they were stealing them!
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    I DO NOT suggest this !!
    I had an old friend who was " mentally challenged " & would ride a moped. He lived in a very poor neighborhood & his mopeds were stolen quite often. I went over to his house to check on him one day, & I wish you had seen what he had rigged up ! A piece of home wiring with one end stuck in an outlet & the other end was to a ground , beside his moped. One of the wires was stripped back maybe 3 ft & wrapped around the frame !!!
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    Scottyo- I'll join your moped gang. I'm going to mass art next week and brining my bike, so I'm going to need manny locks and/or claymore mines.

    Now see if I had an electric bike, I could have an extra wire to have a built in-electric fence type thing like your "Special" friend did
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    oh man that would be a sight to see


    OH DEAR GOD @$^*$&(@$#%@$!!!!!!!!!!

    *runs away with smoking crotch*
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    Get a slip on/over bike seat cushion..cut/form a thin piece of wood or plastic to fit inside...drill and file some slots to fit , epoxy in some single edge razor blades...put on seat when you leave your bike...a few more blades on frame painted the same as frame..
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    You know, Turtle Tedd, that's really not a bad idea at all.

    I wouldn't normally endorse any kind of booby trap because of the fear that someone who is not up to any evil might spring it. But if that padding were thick enough, then the only person likely to be hurt is someone who actually rides the bike, i.e.; the thief.

    And wouldn't he be sorry?

    Of course, the owner of the bike had better make darn sure that he never forgets about it.
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    I like Turtle-Teds idea with a slight modification, instead of blades you use straightened LARGE salt-water fish hooks (who knows, probably illegal to booby trap your bike, I know it is with your house) and make them where they'll be on either side of the mud-cutter, the thief won't be able to pedal, and you'd probably find him (and the bike) on his side screaming.Then you could call the po-po, or let him have a free butt cushion get on your bike and ride off laughing and pointing, get it "pointing"?
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    Use the old hot rodder's method. Put the plug wire in your pocket and take it with you.