Something to watch out for [Blue wire killswitch]

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by roughrider504, Jul 12, 2009.

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    Shortly after completing my 66cc HT kit, I installed a kill switch into the blue wire as is recommended. It worked great and I had both kill switches installed.

    When I took Trekkie on a ride this morning, towards the end of my ride it started misfiring and dying at idle. It seemed like the plug fouled up already, since I am breaking in the engine of course. When I checked the plug, it looked fine so I gapped it and reinstalled it. Test ride, same problem.

    So I put the spare plug in and that still didn't fix it. After searching the forum, the symptoms pointed to a fuel problem. Checked the flow from the tank, the jet and made sure the float wasn't sticking. When giving the bike a once-over to check for anything that could cause problems, I noticed one of the kill switch prongs was very close to the screw on the CDI.

    The kill switch was sending a spark that grounded itself to the frame. After slapping my forehead, I insulated the kill switch from my bolt on CDI and viola! So for anyone who has bolt on CDIs, watch where you mount the switch.


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    Don't mess with the blue wire as a kiil switch.There is a DANGEROUS (potentally lethal) voltage on it.It takes something like a 1000V to get a spark to junp.Use the White Wire (ground it) that's what it is intended for.