Stoked on motorbicycling.

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    Started my project about a year and a half ago. Early on, I couldn't get the thing to start so I let it sit for a couple of months. Months went by and I learned secrets to the chinese bicycle engine through videos on Youtube and from this forum as well. Stuff like how to get the chinese grease loose from the clutch using a lubricant and how to tune the carb.

    Now, I am very stoked to get my bike running. Got it running smooth on Jan 1st 2012 and use it as a commute to work everyday since. There have been no problems with the bike, except for running out of gas or plug wire getting loose. I am impressed by the reliability of these engines and what you can do to make them go a little faster.

    Where I live, I see no other motor bicyclists around. They all ride scooters. So sad. Not even a moped. It's all scooters. Hopefully I can inspire others in my community to build a bike so a motor bicycle gang can be formed.

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    Welcome to the forum. You are right. There is no production line for motorized bicycles. Each one is unique, and therefore more interesting than a euro scooter.