Stolen Stolen in Milwaukee, Bay View area

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    Stolen bikes.jpg

    From Facebook: ***ALL POINTS BULLETIN***

    *$100 REWARD PER BIKE*


    These bikes were stolen from the Bayview area near KK & Pryor. They have been seen driving around the area near KK between Lincoln and Oklahoma. If you see these motorized bikes please call the police or, if possible please try to find where they take the bikes to (address). I will be eternally grateful!!! One is a huffy frame, the front basket has been removed and it now has a an all white seat. The other is a Schwinn frame that now has a brown seat. They both have the same front forks with a spring on them (like the one pictured on the right) They may have been repainted so keep that in mind.

    Please help!!! Please share!!! Message me with any details or spottings.

    *With Bayview fest on Saturday, I'm hoping that we can catch a glimpse of these guys!!!!

    Posted by Ryan Schwaab. If you have information about these bikes but can't access Ryan Schwaab through Facebook, let me know, and I will pass information on.

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    break their hands and feet
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    I created a flyer to download and hand out.!1890&authkey=!AGcnhcugisxBLyU&ithint=file%2cdocx. Note the engines are gray, with silver exhaust and a red air filter cover. They can paint the bike all they want, I doubt they'll replace the engine.

    Please note I ride the KK Oklahoma area in a similar black bike. (but black engine and filter cover) If you see a big guy on a black bike with black saddle bags, that's me. Keeping an eye out. - John