Stupid Chain Questions

5 body trunk with room for 4 in the back seat. It's like driving a boat on the lake.
NOPE...North End of Boston Mafia Staff Car...3 in the front, 3 in the back, 6 in the trunk either alive or dead, or a mixture of

Ps...Same as above goes for Federal Hill section of Providence, Rhode as their local "Wise Guys" call it, "Federial Heights"
Might be 1 of the longest/biggest production cars ever made. They were huge.
I can't remember exactly how it was done. Sealing those 2 windows against some rain must have been an engineering nightmare.
Biggest car of the 70's was the Chrysler Crown Imperial.
Second biggest was the 76 Electra 225/Caddy Fleetwood/Chevy Impala (all the same basic platform with different body work.) The Electra was the longest of the three by like an inch lol.
The Ford crown Victoria has an enormous trunk.
They do. I had a 2005 Crown Victoria for a while, bought it with just 9k miles on it in 2009. Literally was the old man car, the previous owner was 89 years old and had to sell it because he couldn't drive anymore.

I then turned it from a land yacht into a sport yacht. Mach 1 mustang chin spoiler, Eaton 1 1/2" lowering springs, P71 (police interceptor) KYB mono shocks, Addco front and rear sway bars, Heinous billet rear control arms, Mustang 18 inch wheels with 255/55-18 Bridgestone Potenza summer tires, and I raided a crashed low mile P71 vic at the scrap yard for it's Metal Matrix composite drive shaft, 3.55 limited slip rear diff, and dual exhaust system that I replaced the stock mufflers with Magnaflows. Then had an ECU tune done to bump the power up a bit. Still wasn't fast, but it looked and sounded good lol.

These were taken after putting the mustang wheels on. It's already had all of the other work done.



I Think what surprised most people was just how well that car could take a corner. The crown vics of that era were actually pretty good handling cars for how big they were, and with the work I did it was insanely good. One of my favorite memories with that car was outpacing a guy in a Honda S2000 around a rather aggressive curve on one of the highway interchanges here. He was trying to pass me, and I felt like messing around. He should have beat me, but he ran out of bravery. The look of astonishment on his face when I stopped messing around and let him by was hilarious.

I have a soft spot in my heart for big full size sedans. I've been wanting to get my hands on another Electra to "hot rod" a bit.