Super Cycle Phantom 29'er Build Some Need Help!

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    So Today I got a new bike for my GT5A Motor kit but I have run into a bunch of little problems.

    It's a tight fit but doable with some mods, my first real problem is the universal mount itself it's just not so great so I need to get another like the dual clamp one.

    That should help a bit since it's recessed instead of flat like mine, the second problem is there is not enough room for my Carburetor so I need an offset 40mm intake to solve that.

    The hopefully last problem is my chain is just too short but that's my fault I should have saved the newer chain for my new bike now I have to buy another one so it can reach the master link.

    Here is a link to the bike I got the only difference is it's orange and black.

    I thought it would be nice since it has a front disc brake and front shocks a big step up from my old center-pull brakes and no suspension 26'er. That thing was down right dangerous I am surprised I never died from brake failure.

    I just want to know what you guys think of that bike and if I should even bother trying to make this work; you're input and opinions are more then welcome.

    It is a rather nice bike and a smooth rider, I liked it from the first drive home.

    I'll post some updates of my build in a few weeks after my parts come in; hope to see you all then!
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