take a bike (or 3) to a car show?

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    I went to a car show on monday (labor day) last week, and decided to take my car and my 2 bikes. My friend brought his bike as well and we parked the bikes in front of my car.
    I got more comments on my 2 bikes than i did about my car....lol
    my 2 bikes are the occ chopper and the purple & white stingray.
    my friends bike is the black ratty 24" schwinn frame with 20" lowrider springer forks and 20" wheels.

    I'm in the white shirt, trying to figure out how to secure the bikes in the truck.

    looks like we have a plan that will work.

    yep, this will work fine.

    since we only had to drive 2 miles, one tie down strap worked to hold all 3 bikes in place.

    here's our bikes parked in front of my car at the show.

    we did ride the bikes around the show a few times, and i got a lot of offers for the occ bike. I did consider selling it, but all i got was offers...no one had cash.

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    Schweet car! 1956 Strat-o-streek? Don't know my Bowties too well-Gearhead
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    actually, you're close.
    It's a 55 pontiac, 2 door hardtop.
    the engine is called a strato-streak, and it's a 287 cubic inch v-8, with dual carbs, dual straight pipes with no mufflers and flame throwers.
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    Very nice-Built back when Pontiacs were one of GM's flagships! I spent WAY too much $ chasing all of the parts and helping to restore my January 1963 Falcon Tudor sedan. Historically a very important car for FoMoCo and besides being low production, many of them were simply driven into the gound! Only 70K two door sedans were made for 1963. No power steering or brakes, but I do have "flow-thru" ventilation!;) Probably just as well, as the 85 Hp straight six barely has enough oomph to reach 55!;)-Gearhead
  5. motorpsycho

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    here's a pic. of the engine in my 55.

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    try driving a car that has a five year, world-wide production of about 18K! :D
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    Would that be a Yugo?
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    OMG RB! How do you find parts? FWIW, FoMoCo sold the 1960-63 Falcon tooling to Argentina, as they wanted to share Falcon tooling with the as yet unannounced Mustang. As a result, many NOS parts for my Falcon are next to impossible to find and there's so little demand for the first model Falcon parts that you will see relatively VERY few at the car shows compared to the 1964-1965 Falcons, which are basically reskinned Mustangs:( Kinda sux!
    That is one SWEET 1955 V-8!!! Are those rebuilt stock twin 2 barrel or single barrel carbs? Do I see a vacuum motor for the windshield wipers;) The earlier Falcons had wipers that were driven off of the gas pump vacuum!;) You had to use your hand going up any steep inclines!;) Very clean V-8 though!:)-Gearhead
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    no, it's a VW Corrado, and while SOME parts are compatible with other VWs, there are enough that AREN'T... which is why it's been sitting either in the alley or at my mechanic's now for 3.5 months as I come up with the money just to rebuild the front suspension... parts are expensive and qualified mechanics are few and far between...

    as for the Yugo, there were probably 18k sold in the US but hundreds of thousands sold all over the Eastern Bloc...