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    Hey guys,
    I'm glad to join such an informative forum. I discovered your site while seeking info. on a motor scooter my 14yr. old son & I picked up. We are in the foothills of the Sierra's in S. Cal. and somewhat removed from major cities as one would have to travel through mountain passed on either side just to get in & out.
    So we're limited to what & where we can get info. on stuff we're interested in. There in lies the value of the web. As a kid i didn't have much exposure to cool stuff like motorized scooters, cycles etc. & I bet some of you remember the steel wheeled skate boards of those times. Well I wanted better for my kids & so we have the Mitsubishi TLE23fd motorized scooter. Now I'll check out the forum threads & see what we can learn. At present time we're trying to figure out why the motor bogs down to some degree at full throttle. Initially we cleaned out the old fuel, plug, filters & replaced fuel lines. Gave it fresh fuel at 1:50 mix and it ran great. Now she's acting up so... here we are. Thanks for the site & manuals we downloaded. I'm sure we'll find some clues in your archives.
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  2. Dave C

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    HI there and welcome:)

    Well, like I'm sure you noticed we're not really scooter land but a two stroke is a two stroke. I got one of those little 23's off eBay. I built a crude scooter deck a few years back and the motor is going on it later this summer:helmet:
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    Hi Randn, replace that fuel filter again.
    Make sure it is designed for gravity flow use and not for use with a fuel pump. The fuel pump filters have a paper element that ceases to flow after a while. Gravity flow uses a fine screen (and is cleanable).
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    "we're not really scooter land"

    Yeah, I noticed. But w/ a 14 yr. old who's stuck on motorized everything I thought I would eventually end up here, "Nicks'" been bugging me about my old weed whacker motor & wanting to "stick" it on his bike. But that "old" weed whacker motor is on my newer Husquvarna whacker & I'm not letting him tear it off for his bike so we settled for a starter scooter for him to tool around with till he learns a little more about two strokes' or any strokes' for that matter. So I'm really glad about your site being available and when I did a search for that 23 your site come up first in here I am. Thanks guys, I'm already reaping benefits for joining up.
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    replace that fuel filter again

    Yep, thats what we're doing. Can't tell you how many guys have come up to me while I'm doing motorized stuff around the old homestead and ask me to help them w/ their chainsaw or mower or whatever cause they can't get it started after leaving them outside all winter. The first thing I ask is if they've service them for the season, like new filters and gas. " I just replaced that filter last year"! It can't be bad already. Never fails. Pop out the air or gas filter and it's gunked up with old gas or trash on the filter from last year. So I'm trying to teach "Nick" not to skimp on the small stuff like plugs etc. cause they are so central to good ongoing service & performance. As to this 23, I'm still trying to figure out whether my kids' expecting 50mph out of this little guy or what. But overall this is a good time for him to start understanding how to understand motors and such and stop expecting me to shell out money for what the kids' down the street have. I think it would be great if he would find a motor and adapt it to his bike. That would require him to work and learn about this kind of stuff. I had to learn on my own in later years and would have really appreciated having gotten started earlier. I think you guys got a good thing going here and it appears by what I've seen so far, like people from Europe and such getting involved and offering info and advice. I think we're going to appreciate finding out about your forum. So thanks for the help.
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    Yah, gotta watch them 14 year olds, next thing ya know they wanna motorize the cat:devilish:

    I've spent the winter with my bike in my livingroom rebuilding every part of it. Except for a battery set-up begining of next month I'm finished. I have last years gas and it's getting poured off in the chainsaw gas can. These little motors HATE gas with Ethanol in them, it attacks the aluminum eventually turning into a powder-like :poop:. It seems the only one around here without Ethanol is Shell Premium, someone called it Max-something. I just haven't been able to get there or I'd have ridden my rebuild.

    Have fun:helmet:
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    HATE gas with Ethanol

    You're right Dave C.! I've seen where ethanol attacks gaskets etc. in all kinds of engines. "They" really push the stuff hard. I don't know of any gas sellers that adveritise No Ethanol. Living near a popular lake in the sierras, I've heard so many stories from boaters of problems they began having as they realize the connection between engine problems and ethanol. If you do a search on it you'll find hard propoganda for ethanol and how it increases performance etc. but little on the con's of using it. If one thinks of it, it almost seems as though a conspiracy exists between manufacturers of motors and sellers of ethanol. Good way of selling new motors or parts if the very same fuel we use causes them to burn out sooner and we have to buy more stuff. But don't let me be accused of talking politics or the like. Good luck w, your bike. randn.