The post with lots of stingray choppers



So once not too long ago...i found a post with all these schwinn stingrays with engines....but now i can't find it and i need them to convince my parents to buy me an engine. So anyone know where it is???
try our search, it'll give ya a lot of results, but you can narrow it down until you find what you're looking for...good luck on the parents thing 8)




here are some pics to show your P's
Thanks azvinnie! they said after spring break i could buy a Dax/Howell so hopefully they'll stick to their guns. Any ideas if I could make my own motor mount? Dimensions and Materials or sumthing

thanks guys :D
Well these were the ones i wanted. i like Azvinnie's Stealthy KIller looks so im thinking along his lines (but shiny RED)

Thanks again

a bit of advice... get the mount from ebay, use the search bar at the top of this page and type barry0070_70_0 it is a better made mount, less vibration-prone, and easier to install. :D
I have installed three mounts, (1 livefast, and 2 barry)including one that I used to make my mount for my Deviate - with some modifications and more metal
the 2 from barry are in use and the 1 from livefast lies in the broken part box with three of four mouning tabs cracked :censored: :censored: and it was more money :? :?

I am not trying to sound like a salesman just trying to save some greif and $$$ from experience :LOL: :LOL: