The ultimate boardtracker?



It is cool.
I especially like how he used around side-plates around the engine's crankcase to fill out the lower loop of the frame.

On the other hand, I don't know how comfortable it would be to ride. These bike setups with the turned-down handlebars look nifty, but they are not what I'd want to stay on for a multi-hour cruise.

I gave up with upright bikes soon after I bought my first recumbent though, so I'm kind of a wuss these days. I prefer the pedals at least a couple feet forward of the seat, and a riding position that's sitting straight up, if not leaned back. I didn't think I'd be buying any more "upright" bikes at all until the RANS Fusion came along, and I only bought it after I saw a lot of other recumbent riders said it was nice to ride.