This is WAR!!!!

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  1. errolprowse

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    someone on decided to say that Motor Bikes are just plain out bad in more than a few ways. check it out.

    ive been arguing everyone's wrong points and trying to keep a good name for motor bikes. there's a lot of arrogance and hate when it comes to motor bikes in the bicycle community unfortunately

  2. sojudave

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    Ahh, does it even matter? Who cares about some Uppity ******bag Livestrong wannbe's anyways? They're probably a bunch of turds. Keep doing your thing and make sure you're obeying the traffic laws.
  3. professor

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    When i was over on a mountain bike forum (before I grew up an came here), I noticed quite a bit of arrogance. I think it has to do with the exaltation of sports and sports figures. None of that here.
    You people are like the down-home guys on the tractor site I spend a lot of time on. Just a great place to be.

    Let go of this "War" - they outnumber us ten thousand to one. Maybe more.
  4. cycledude

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    I like the bike forums, there is a lot that goes into keeping the bike going without loosing and arm and a leg with the maintenance cost, so it goes to the head sometimes.
    I am on the bike because I save money on gas and the traffic aggravation also feeling like I am sealed in a cage.
    If it has two or three wheels and it looks like a bike I am down with it.
    Especially the 150 mph, it is a smash
  5. augidog

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    sociologically speaking...and only generalizing

    bicycles rock...i'd never have motorvated one if i didn't already love bicycles.

    there are rifts in every area of human interest, this motorsport being no exception...
    rack-, frame-, electric-, friction-, noone even wants to see anyone else's stuff when they hit MBc, when was the last time you looked at & admired an MB that didn't have the same kind of engine or follow the same style as yours? heck, forum statistics show that most folks don't even peruse the bicycle-specific areas here at MBc...don't even
    get me started on safety and durability...

    it's all about your carburetor or clutch cable...who cares about brakes tires or lights?

    if you're half as dedicated as the bicycle-purists, then you have one doozy of a MotoredBike. in general, tho, my research here shows kit cheap bike zoomie-zoom...& the "devil's" advocate asks: from a cyclist's viewpoint, what's to admire? to them, and it seems to society at large, we're just big pocketbikes...we know how that worked out, eh?

    i believe that motorized-bicycles stand a good chance of achieving full vehicle-status if properly presented...electric or gas, they make too much relative sense to be ignored.

    yet, instead of fretting our overall rep, you fret pedal'ers not liking our idea of what to do with a bicycle, like it matters & is worth going to "war" over. any bicyclist who wants a motor or engine will have one sooner or later...any who don't, well geez, why should i care one way or t'other? i set a good example & demonstrate the benefits in real-time, and can do no more than that.

    shoot, i "see" a day when motorized-bicycles provide support for pedal-bicycle utterly logical is that?

    what i don't "foresee" is people actually getting together & staying together long enuff to get there.

    people is people, after all.
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  6. MarksA-C

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    Motorized bikers are a completely different group than the other bikers. More of a group out to have fun, go fast, and do it all clean and "cheap".

    Those that look down upon motorbikers are jealous or just that d*** ignorant to not realize all aspects of owning a motorized bike. (Cheaper than a motorcycle or car, better gas mileage, much more fun!)
  7. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    those are the square types
    who's father's or grandfather's never bought them a
    motorized mini bike, go cart or small motor cycle when they were young
    probably still jealous to this day

    my grandfather was cool
    brought home a 7 1/2 hp mini bike to a little starry eyed 6 or 7 year old
    when I would get off the dirt it did 45 mph top speed on the not legal road way

    get down on it little guy !!!
    don't get killed grandma will kill me !!!

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  8. HoughMade

    HoughMade Guest

    I'm not interested in this war.

    I'm legal where I am and that is not going to change. If you think these elitist pri..... I mean types will cause trouble where you are, that's different.

    The fact thay think they're cooler than me, smarter than me....frankly, I don't care. That's high school stuff.
  9. Al.Fisherman

    Al.Fisherman Active Member

    What these so called purists (and possible greenies) don't understand is that I'm NOT going to peddle a bicycle around town...PERIOD, no ifs ands or buts. I've had three bicycles in my garage waiting for someone needing one. Well that day never came thankfully. Due to my son not having a license, wanting to put a electric motor (we went with a HT) on a bike, they would still be sitting in the garage. So instead of cranking up my SUV @17 MPG or my PU @ 20 MPG, I crank up my HT @ 100 MPG to run to the store and around. Some dimwits they are, ranting over a d**n motorized bike when the outrage should be what path we as in the United States is taking. On top of that I'm sure that most of those screaming the loudest also drive vehicles, if not what a sheltered life they must have.... There is so much to see out there and so little you can see on a bicycle. I don't ride one because of the fuel I save, I don't ride one to so call "save the environment" I ride one for the pure enjoyment of riding one...otherwise those three bicycles wouldn't of been sitting in my garage for the last 10 years.

    If I was so concerned with what others think, I'd have to give up hunting, give up fishing, give up traveling...h**l they would have me give up my money to give to those that sit on their AZZ as in spread the wealth. I too am 100% legal here in Alabama and that is all I'm concerned with.
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  10. Happy Valley

    Happy Valley Active Member

    Hyperbole and over-reacting doesn't suit the situation. There will always be a few loud mouths on any side of an issue, this one included. No big deal, don't amount to jack in the scheme of things.
  11. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    it's just a fact in some cases and no big deal
    there are certain types who ride the super expensive racing bikes
    who kind of look down on many others
    such as motorized bicycles and in some cases even ones riding cheap walmart bikes
    and at other times it seems as though they think they are special by their spandex jock straps
    don't tell me it ain't so because I spent many years working at bicycle shops.............

    yes at times they are the ones who blow by us slower motorized bicycles
    with out even giving a nod or wave
    as I said no big deal ----- my motor bike is real --------------- and I like to ride that thing
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  12. arceeguy

    arceeguy Active Member

    There's the spandex crowd that shun motorized bikes, and there are the people with motorized bikes that think that their bikes are better because of the engine or drive system. It's all pretty much pointless. It reminds me of the mindset of some Harley-Davidson riders. They don't even recognize you unless you are riding a H-D cycle. When riding on my motorcycles, I give a friendly wave to every other person I see on a motorcycle. Everyone waves to their fellow bikers - except some H-D owners, who think that it isn't a motorcycle unless it is a H-D. Stupidity at its zenith. When I had a boat, everyone would wave to each other on the water. It didn't matter what kind of boat or how big, there were no snobs. Bicycles are bicycles, even if they are powered. Can't we just all get along?
  13. nsideus

    nsideus Guest

    When I was in middle school the Olympic training center moved here. I rode a $69 murray 10 speed my buddy on his equally cheap ride. On rides to Manitou we would often encounter a pack of Olympians and ride in behind them, when they noticed us they always tried to speed away, always looking back to see us keeping up. We would let this go on a few times and then ride up along side them and challenge for a race. The spandexters would laugh, so we began the taunting, "moma boys", F*gg*ts", and then a California howdy as we speed away. I know they couldn't keep up with us and we know and olmpian would never admit to being out rode by a kid on $69 bike in t shirt and jeans.
    35 years later the spandex crowd still looks down upon me and I still out ride them only now with a engine. I do enjoy passing out California howdy's, love it when a pack meets me at a light when I look over with a twinkie twinkle in my eye and say "your cute."

    It's a money and looks issue they ride $2,500 bikes with cute suits I ride bikes from many bikes t-shirts and jeans.
  14. Parah_Salin

    Parah_Salin Member

    I think the issue is that alot of people need/want something to make themselves seam superior to everyone else. Now, with bicycle purists it's that they have this whole fitness system going on, and anyone who dosn't use that system is lazy. Anyone who dosn't have all the gear (spandex, clip on pedals, etc) is stupid, because thats the way your supposed to do it.

    Now we, on the other hand, view bicycles as sources for frames and platforms for vehicals that we want to build. I have no resentment to people who have bought mopeds (well, maby some based on the fact that they actually have money to buy a moped...but thats another issue), to go-ped scooters, small dirt bikes, large motorcycles, motorized unicycles, or even segways (aside from the "I wish I had $5000 to spend on a vehicle" thing). In fact, I'm fairely interested in go-peds, segways, roller blades with drill motors, and any other small, portable, and somewhat stupid method of transport that is being cooked up.

    They see it as us desecrating bicycles if we use a good quality bike, and laugh at use for using cheap bikes if we don't go for quality. They sometimes do both.
  15. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    I am just grateful for the things I have
    sure I also like Harley's
    when they are running good
    but I don't covet one when I see it go by
    it's not about what bicycle riders in their spandex jock straps think about me
    it is about what I think about them

    are any of us any better than any other ??
    that's a silly thought
    and if and when we go there
    we are only fooling ourselfs
    we have heard it many times said ----------- Pride Before The Fall

  16. professor

    professor Active Member

    Nsideus, that was good. What is a California Howdy?

    MM, you have an excellent outlook.
  17. flashstar

    flashstar Member

    For me, nothing is sacred save for 300zx's and other nice, old cars. The way I see it, nothing should keep me from putting a motor on anything that I choose. The bike is my property once I own it, so I can do whatever I'd like with it. That does mean though that another person can wear tight fitting clothes and look like an athelete while riding his bike too.
  18. seanhan

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    I've been noticing a lot of junk mountain bikes with 80cc gasoline engines strapped to them being driven around and showing up on Craigslist lately.

    They sound like an old lawnmower, and I usually see them trying to carry some fat **** near the local grocery store. I've even seen one putting along the bike path I take to school.

    Here's two examples from craigslist. I've often seen these pitched as 100% legal without any sort of license, and I've marked several to get taken down.

    Do you guys see these being used or sold around you? It seems to me that they're pretty illegal on the street, and people seem to use them for random trips. Is it worth calling the cops if I see on on the bike path?

    WHAT A BUNCH OF **** HEADS !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. fetor56

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    Worry about bigger things in life.
  20. Parah_Salin

    Parah_Salin Member

    I assumed you coppied that from the thread?

    Trying to get them removed from craigslist is just wrong. Making and selling MBs is a perfectly legitement way of making money