This lends itself to lots of ideas.Shaft drive?

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    that is pretty darn cool. Not out of the price range of people looking at things like the Nuvici hub too. Would love to know how much power that shaft could take. They said it's a solid shaft, not just a strong bundle of cables, so it could probably take a lot. Pair this with ghost's right hand drive mod (somehow) and you'd have something pretty sick.
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    Theres more info .

    Further in the link,theres an animated vid of the thing working, Looked pretty beefy? contact list , and other info too. Yeah,Ive never seen any thing like that. It makes me wonder,what the torques is,that is created by a person pumping the crank..I wonder if its much more than these small mtrs produce. Just a thought.
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    I think the issue would be not the shaft, but the rear hub and taking the additional torque from the engine. Yes, it would be cool to do. How would you get power in, though?
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    Power in??

    In looking at the animated video of its operation, you would have to discard the exsisitng pedal crank assy,and use that for the chain connection to the engine. Or perhaps fab a sleeve that gos over the horz pedal shaft, in order to retain the pedal capablity. Looks like it would be fairly easy to do if you didnt care about losing your pedal capabilty. Any way an interest mechanisam.
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    I don't know about a person's torque, but I seem to recall that a person puts out about 1/2 hp. Quite a bit less than an engine.
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    I wonder if you could incorporate the wider crank with that set up if need be? Sure gets the mind thinging though.

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    Cool, but why ? Shaft-drive on even big bikes robs a lot of power. Any figures on power loss ? vs chain ?
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    Persons torque?

    I was wondering, if you weigh 225 lbs ,and rear down on the pedal,as we did as kids to spin the tire, would that constitute 225 LBS of torque Plus?? Duno :) This link contains the animated video..
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    Shaft drive vs chain drive ??

    Interesting link.Thanks.. I just bet we see many mtr mods/installs on this design eventually. I like it..