Throttle and Clutch Cable Setup Questions


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5:57 AM
Apr 30, 2008
Boynton Beach, Fl
Two last questions before I start her up:

Throttle: How far should the handgrip turn? While I have to adjust to take out the slack, when I turn it until I feel resistance with one finger..then I can grip it and turn it about 1/4" (watching the notch on the throttle handle) before I hit a second stop (WOT?). It feels more like "on/off" than a smooth throttle. Is this the correct amount that it turns? How do I get more throw for the throttle? How tight should the "bell" that caps the sping be tightened down? All the way until it stops? Is the grip supposed to feel so sloppy?

Clutch: When I set the clutch to have 1/16" play, it would not disengage when I pull it (stock lever) - and I also can't use the clip because it can't close enough to engage when mounted on the handlebars. So I have a bit of tension on the clutch so that when I squeeze it I can actually walk the bike (although I still feel resistance, but it's not turning over the motor). I'm hoping this resistance goes away once the clutch breaks in. I would pedal the bike more than I need to start it up if this is how it will be...

Thanks! This is my last issue until I try to ride it...

The clutch clip is junk, at least the one on the $.39 "russian" piece of garbage lever in my kit is. I grabbed an old brake handle off a junk bike. Bonus is I might possibly have a little bit more travel.

I may or may not get chastised for this but I added a little pre-tension on my clutch lever before tightening the cable retainer. I manually activated the clutch lever coming out of the motor to determine its on/off point (and it acts as an on-off switch) then set it so it would meet this point halfway in the handlebar clutch lever travel.

As far as the throttle, yes screw the cap on top of the carb as far as it goes. Though it may feel sloppy now, when you get it running you'll get a general feel for what does what.
Hi Eljefino,
Thanks for the input...I have these issues resolved now. I also put some tension on the spring for the clutch so it actually worked when I pull on it. I can actually get going from a dead stop now (with Fred-Flintstone-Assist), and it feels like I would expect it to.

Throttle is now good as well, adjusting the thumbscrew at the top of the bell did the trick.

Too bad there isn't a low and high end needle that could be adjusted. I'd like to lean the midrange a bit, and fatten it up on the high end...but maybe as I get more broken in the motor will level itself out.

Been having issues with flats if you've seen my other threads...hopefully I can make this issue go away, as I'm close to selling the bike because of them. (3 flats in 3 days).

My citys roads are so bad at motorized bycycle speeds.

I need No-More-Flats from wallyworld or I would not be able to keep up with my flats.
Now to find an unbendable rim.