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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by ty151, Jul 10, 2009.

  1. ty151

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    So i finished up my RAW 80cc kit tonight and had a few questions. I have black to black and blue to blue, and then one wire from the killswitch spliced with the blues and the ground screwed onto the frame. But, the killswitch isnt working, anything i did incorrectly??

    Also, the bike turns off when i pull in the clutch. Does that just have to do with the idle? Thanks in advance

  2. icyuod2

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    ok i'm a noob also but i think i can help (just take everything i say with a grain of salt)

    kill switch (i still have to purchase one-aint no way i'm using any plastic on my build)
    the wiring on my bike is black to black, blue to blue. (no lights on my bike)right now, if i need to kill it, i just pull the 2 black wires apart.

    ya might wanna try splicing the the kill switch to the black wires, but if that don't work........

    .......disconnect your black wires. connect one black wire to one side of the kill switch and the other black wire to the other side of the kill switch (black wires only connected via the kill switch-nothing grounded out to the frame)

    as for the bike stalling, could be the choke or ya might just have to ajust your throttle cable ( just like ajusting a bicycle brake, you want to back the cable out of the throttle assembly and lock it down with the nut) this will open your throttle up.
  3. ty151

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    Im a little confused on what you mean by saying connect one black wire to the killswitch and connect the other black wire to the other side of the killswitch??
  4. icyuod2

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    first i'd try grounding one wire of the kill switch and connecting the other wire to the black wires.

    also your kill switch could be pooched.

    this morning i've put a 12volt toggle(on off) switch between the black wires on my bike (one black wire to each side of the switch.)
    if i need to kill the bike, i break the connection (ie flip the switch to off)
    i don't think this is the common way to wire the bike, but from what i've read theres multiple ways of doing it.

    i was basicly explaining the same thing with your bike.
    one black wire would be connect to the leed/wire on one end of the kill switch, the other black wire connected to the other leed/wire on the kill switch. (but thats only if you have an on/off switch)
    the one that comes with the kit wont work this way. its always in the off posision until you push it. then it robs power from the engine.

    check this out.
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  5. Hawaii_Ed

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    Congrats on the ride! The kill switches with the kit are known for problems. Do you have a multi-meter? Check the ohms on the switch, open and closed. Make sure it goes to zero closed! Other wise I would guess your engine may be insulated from the frame, I ground mine right to the muffler bolt with a ring terminal.

    Or as listed above, you can put a switch in the blue wire if ya want.

  6. give me vtec

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    I dont even use the kill switch... just use the choke to kill the engine. Easier and gets rid of the ugly wires... you can replace the switch with a metal throttle cable housing from thats dax.

    As for the engine dying when you clutch it... that is because the idle adjust screw on the side of the carb is out too far. Just screw it in until it idles to your satisfaction. Mine did the same thing.

    Congratulations and enjoy that thing.
  7. ty151

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    Where did you get your switch from? Can you take some pictures of how your looks like? Preferrably with all the wire in the picture so i can get an idea of what it looks like. Thanks a lot
  8. give me vtec

    give me vtec Active Member

    just get rid of the switch and use the choke to kill it. Much easier
  9. ty151

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    Is that okay on the engine though?

    And how quick does it kill the engine?? Thanks
  10. using the choke to turn off engine usually takes 30secs to a 1 minuite and ok to use.
    you can also hook your white wire from engine to the stripe wire on kill switch and black wire from kill switch to ground on bikeframe,muffler bolt,engine mount,or black wire from engine.
  11. icyuod2

    icyuod2 Member

    you can pick up a 12volt toggle switch from any automotive store.
    hide it well and it will prevent unwanted riders from firing up the bike.

    gotta charge the batt in my camera, then i'll post some pic's for ya.
  12. icyuod2

    icyuod2 Member

    so this is a temp set up.
    i'd planned on mounting the toggle switch in the triple tree (small hole)
    problem is the charger for my drill ain't charging. lol

    once i get a drill that works, i'll hide all the wires in the frame and fish them up to the front of the bike.
  13. ty151

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    Can you explain to me how you wired that switch though? The ones i saw at the store had three prongs so i wasnt sure how they were gonna work. Thanks in advance
  14. icyuod2

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    my switch cost me a couple bucks from canadian tire auto. they had 3 prong accessory switches, but all ya need is a 2 prong 12 volt toggle.(you could use the 3 prongs with only 2 wires connected)

    basicly, plug the blue wires together just like the manufacturer suggest.
    now instead of connecting the black wires together, connect the black wire from the motor to one side of the switch, and the black wire from the electronic ignition to the other side of the switch.

    heres a better, bigger pic

    and a great little site that tells ya how to wire just about anything (including 12 volt toggles and accessory switches. :)
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  15. ty151

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    Okay sounds good. And do you have to solder the wires to the switch?

    Also, this will get rid of the killswitch assembly all together right?
  16. icyuod2

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    i didn't want my turn of the century , indian inspired boardtracker to have a cheap plastic throttle assembly. instead i used a standard brake lever for my throttle.
    when i did away with the throttle, i had to come up with another idea for a kill switch, and here we are.

    the toggle switch will do away with the kill switch assembly completely.
    check out how clean my bars look.
    i also got the switch mounted properly and fished the wires through the frame.

    soldering is always the best option, however.....
    ... if you have shrink tubing, you can slide a piece over one wire before you connect them. tightly twist the wires together and fold the twisted wires flat like so.
    then slide the heat shrink over the wire and heatit up.

    this will be more than strong enough to make a good connection and prevent the wires from pulling apart.

    if for some reason you snag a wire (pull with lots of force) they will seperate at this connection apposed to snapping somewhere else.
  17. ty151

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    How would i mount that switch if i wasnt going to do it up on the handlebars like that? Its going to have to be down by where the engine is because thats all my wires reach to.

    The switch i got has screw in terminals, should i take the connectors off that came with the engine and buy ring connectors? Thanks
  18. give me vtec

    give me vtec Active Member

    mine shuts off as soon as the lever is all the way up... i wouldnt recommend something to you that takes 30 seconds or more to work.

    its fine on the engine... all it does is close off the air passage.
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  19. ty151

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    how is that for the engine though?
  20. give me vtec

    give me vtec Active Member

    haven't had a problem yet... there are quite a few other people here that do the same. I had the same problem, this is where I got the idea.

    Did you fix the idle prob?