Top speed of the GEBE kit.

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  1. RMWdave

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    hey, seriousley thinking of rack mounting a pocketbike engine using the GEBE kit parts. no chains, no gears. just go.

    the engine is a big bore 44mm, with a tuned exhaust and currently has no home. i mounted the exhaust on my happytime for ****s and giggles once.... the seatpost had to be sticking out about 10" and my *** was still getting hot since the pipe pointed right at it.

    so, all id like to know is from those who use the GEBE mount how fast are you going with it? what kind of speed can i expect?

  2. give me vtec

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    depends on motor and # of teeth on gear. My eho35 w/#12 gear cruises very comfortably at 24.... tops out at 27.

    I tried a #14 gear and it cruised at 28... but didnt have any power.

    Highly recommend this kit.... 5 out of 5 stars. robin subaru is a great motor... 4 stroke is quieter, more reliable, and overall much easier to operate. Kit is easy to install... belt drive is durable, and easy to remove if needed. Automatic tensioner ensures belt is always tight. Cant say enough good things.

    Hope this helps
  3. AndyT

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    I have the Tanaka 32cc GEBE kit, and the Robin 35 as well. With a higher output engine, you can run the 14 tooth drive gear and cruise at 30+. Top speed depends on your max revs. You will have to go easy on the throttle with any engine over 2hp. The belt could be damaged if you ride it like a pit bike.

    I enjoy my GEBE setup, and recommend it highly. Customer service is the best!
  4. seanhan

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    With Tanaka engine will flat move out mine will go 32 mph max
    I have the Tanaka 32cc, the 40cc should be a little faster..
    I you want to fly get a Tanaka ....
  5. RMWdave

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    you know what, now that i see how far off center the engine sets no matter how good and reliable it is its just not for me.
  6. AndyT

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    Unless you go frame mount or with a high rack mount with a chain drive, it's not possible to have the engine centered. Both designs have their own issues.
  7. DetonatorTuning

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    have a look at "Trek 4500/ GP460 now twin belt jackshaft" in this section.

  8. seanhan

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    why is it a big deal about having

    a perfectly centerted engine ????

    There are no ballance issues with the GEBE ..
  9. give me vtec

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  10. AndyT

    AndyT Member

    I road raced bicycles a few years back, and would be the first to speak up if there were handling issues with the GEBE setup. I comfortable hitting a corner at close to 30 on my GEBE'ed Novara Metro.
  11. Happy Valley

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    I understand some feel that way, though it's mostly about the look. I admit it was off putting to myself at first when just getting into MBs. I was using a stock HT kit at the time and I had to find something more reliable or give it up. For me it became all about the the reliability.
    The off center mounting is now a non-issue. The engines and drive assemblies are so lightweight there is really no perceptible balance issue but I got used to that with several friction drives before I tried the GEBE and at least with the GEBE I can use it in wet weather as a dependable commuter unlike the friction drives.
    I can easily cruise at 30mph but mostly keep it at a comfortable 25.
  12. give me vtec

    give me vtec Active Member

    I agree... with a good line I feel totally comfortable taking a corner at full speed; 26 mph.
  13. Happy Valley

    Happy Valley Active Member

    Heh, keep the pedal up on the side you're cornering into and then a couple of turns of the crank out of the corner, touch of throttle and away you go.
  14. AndyT

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    Haha, inside pedal down = FAIL! I learned that the hard way at about 8 years old. :icon_cry:
  15. DetonatorTuning

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    ya might want to re-read that quote.

    "keep the pedal UP on the side you're cornering into"

    it's also alot easier if you crouch on the pedals slightly keeping them horizontal and POWER thru the corner.

  16. AndyT

    AndyT Member

    I guess the bicycle road racer in me has formed habits. Watch the Tour De France. They all make tight corners with the outside leg down keep the bike weighted and to stay in firm control. The exception would be on a fast downhill. The put the pedals horizontal to stay aerodynamic, but the turns are sweeping and not tight 90 degrees.
  17. Happy Valley

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    Yep, that's it, those habits formed from being another long time cyclist, lol.
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  18. beach cruzin

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    I totally agree you can't even tell its there with good wheels and tires there is no corner i can't take at speed. Normal cruzin speed being 32-35mph:whistling: Top speed ever was 47.3 downhill and runing a little lean:devilish:
  19. mechcd

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    I had my 49cc cheapo CAG up to around 35 with a 13 tooth gear.

    It had a small gas tank off a murray lawn mower mounted opposite to the engine. I never found a good way to mount the exhaust. One day the fuel shutoff disintegrated and a whole bunch of other stuff broke and I switched engines :whistling:

    Here is an early pic of it before i had the gas tank mounted and exhaust rerouted

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