Trade engine kit for guitars

Hi everyone,
Don't know if anyone will be interested in doing this but I'm looking to trade my six string and bass guitar for an engine kit. The electric six string is a Memphis guitar made by Yamaha. The bass looks and plays like a fender but is a no-name bass guitar. But it's still a nice playing and sounding bass. The six string comes with a practice amp and flanger pedal. Both guitars are in good condition.

Looking for a straight trade. Don't know how to handle the shipping on the instruments. Guess we can figure that out when it comes up. If you are interested, please let me know by posting here or sending me a pm or email.

Here are some pics

In case someone wants to buy the equipment and not trade... here are the prices.
Memphis 6 string guitar - $125.00
Bass guitar - $75.00
Practice amp - $50.00
Flanger pedal - $50.00

Will sell it all for $250.00

Thanks for looking,
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Hey crabdance, I thought you just got a Honda 35?? Chickin wing on a string???

Hi Ron, I wish~... No I don't have any thing at all right now. I'm trying to get something :). If you know of anyone that might be interested, send them my way. So far I have saved up $10 and that leaves me $308 to go... yea! Anything I can sell only puts me closer faster lol.
Wow!, you found a Honda 35 w/ kit for $ 318.00??? Please let me know where??? If I find anyone who needs guitars, I will send them your way!!
Wow!, you found a Honda 35 w/ kit for $ 318.00??? Please let me know where??? If I find anyone who needs guitars, I will send them your way!!

No... I can't afford a Honda 35. I'm getting a Happy Time from That'sDax for $218.00 (shipped) and a bike from Walmart for $99.00 (not counting tax). So that's where I'm coming up with the numbers. Thanks in advance for sending anyone my way on the guitars.
Hey dance, I like the bass guitar ya have! do you have an amp to go with it?????

Hey Ron, Yea, the bass guitar is pretty sweet. It plays real good and sounds great. I have a practice amp that is really for the 6 string but you could use it for the bass if you didn't get too loud with it. I've used it with the bass to practice with and have not had any problems with it. Just don't crank it up to ten and bang on it :). Let me know what you think.
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I have been doing some thinking and I would be willing to trade some of my stuff for a bike too. So if you have a bike laying around that you don't use or don't need, I would be willing to trade for that too. Just trying to keep thinking :).
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Hi everyone,
Just wanted you to know that due to circumstances, I no longer need an engine kit (big thanks to Jim H.) So I guess the guitars are for sell or trade for something else now. Thanks for looking and if you're interested... just PM me.

Status Update:

Also, I don't need to trade for a bike anymore 'cause I got a moon dog last Friday. The bass guitar was spoken for but that fell through so I still have everything for sale if you are interested. PM me.
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