Special complete bike deals for Phoenix buyers

I build motorized bicycles for a living from a large home shop but occasionally I end up with just 'too many bikes' to keep around.

Available here to hop on and ride home with a full tank of gas now (6-14-2015):


Shop Bike used for parts runs and such.
1937 Columbia 26" bike with a 66cc 2-stroke direct drive with 3 brakes and a 1.6 gallon custom gas tank.
Details http://kcsbikes.com/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=831



~200 miles on it and fully broken in, no leaks or issues other than the Colombia tank sticker took a little hit and a poor kick stand.
That custom gas tank added $300 to the build so original price was $875.
I will take $750 cash.


Brand new but damaged MotoPed.
$2,000 MotoPed Pro kit frame and PCC 147MF 88cc kick start 4-stroke with semi-automatic 3-speed engine.
In short and kick butt full suspension dirt motorcycle... with pedals ;-}
Details http://kcsbikes.com/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=771



Originally priced at $3,500, then $2995, but I let my son ride it and a motorist cut him off.
I just settled with that drivers insurance for damage and repaired most of it.

The right side MotoPed sticker is crumpled and the exhaust pipe has scratches but the crank arms, shifter and kick starter were replaced, the forks re-installed, and the rear suspension re-build.

Though back to perfect working condition I am selling it as 'recovered salvage' as the insurance company simply totaled it and there may some hidden flaw I just haven't seen yet.
$1,500 and you can ride it home with a full tank of gas.


And this just back in with <5 hours on it...
26" Fat Tire Slugo with dual disc brakes and 49cc HS 142 with 10G transfer case 7-speed shifter.



This was a custom build the customer loves but turns out his back just won't allow him to ride it.
He has since put lights and saddle bags on it and just wants me to move this on for what I can get to put towards maybe a Recumbent type ride that won't bother his back.

He paid me $1,700 for it 3 months ago, added things, and it is still Pristine and runs perfect.
$1,200 and ride it home with a tank of gas.


If you are interested let me know via a post in this topic or via an e-mail to me via my web sites Contact form, but NOT the PM here please.
I love the top one and the bottom one.
Do you ship?
I liked the Columbia too, it was expensive to make the fake tank a real one but I have since found that GTA-2 gas tank frames to be the bomb.


We recently moved, and due to health matters I am retiring from building MB's even though I have a killer new Man Cave shop.
Ugh thats not a 1937 columbia unless some ch××k named it
Im sorry about your health.
I just bought a frame from another forum..another project to not finish lol
KC try listing on backpage too, lots of ads on that site and a growing audience. Of course craigs is the gorilla.