Twistshifter Makes Great Throttle & Cruise Control



I was dissatisfied with the piece of crap twist throttle (additional $25 vs thumb) that came with my kit. I used my old SRAM 7 speed twistgrip shifter and ran it as my throttle. I originally planned to remove the spring that provides the "clicks" but found I liked it & that it provides a low tech cruise control holding the throttle steady. It's a good cheap mod-- let me know if anyone else has any luck with it.

DBR :devilish:
That sounds like a good trick. i'll try it for sure.It seems as though I'm always wanting to let go for a minute to do something and being right handed . But I'll let you know how it works out and how I like it . Thanks for the idea.........Tom in WV
Before my piece of crap twist shifter completely broke, it too had a "built in cruise control". All that means is that it wouldnt snap back when i opened it all the way, so it would stay wide open without me even holding it like that. I could ride up the street with no hands. That is when I would really get the looks.
Yeah the twist throttle that came with my kit (from stays open and you could ride with no hands if you were crazy like Tom.
awsome idea will have to go dismantle one of my junker bikes
i ride my bike with no hands down the bike trail havent crashed yet :eek: